TV Wars: Will Buganda Kingdom –BBS overtake Bukedde?

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‘‘BBS tv requires a clear thought out strategy to dislodge Bukedde tv from the Baganda’’

By Moses Kaketo

Have you watched the Buganda Kingdom owned Television-Buganda BroadCasting Services? It is clear; the BBS’ major competitor is the Vision Group’s Bukedde TV. The two stations seem to be targeting the same market (Buganda).

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Over the years, Bukedde tv as established itself as a major brand particularly in Buganda. At one time, best known for Agataliko Nfuufu news, the Station threatened the big boys-NTV and NBS.

The question we are asking today is whether BBS tv has what it takes to over take Bukedde tv.


One the challenge BBS has is to attract advertisers-Advertisement is key to sustaining a tv station. Otherwise operating a TV is such an expensive venture unlike a radio station. The station has already attracted some adverting however; some of these adverts are heavily discounted.

Vision Group Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga has about 20 assured corporate advertisers. Any business he gets for the New Vision newspaper, he tells the client (s)that he will offer them a supplement on Bukedde TV and vice versa.

In the circumstance, if the BBS is to take on Bukedde tv, it has to work out a partnership to match that the Vision Group and Bukedde. A partnership with the mighty CBS FM could do wonders.

The current trend is that advertisers prefer a comprehensive package-cover them in print, radio, TV and online. Otherwise, if BBS tv is going to stay alone,-it might be difficult for them to generate enough revenue in the short and medium term. In the circumstance, the station must get some revenue from the kingdom for sustainability, which is not likely to happen. The corporate advertisers will only give you business if they are sure, that you have the numbers (viewers) which the station does not have currently.

A senior official from BBS was quoted recently in the local media saying the station will not recycle presenters. The official explained that their strategy is to recruit and employ only fresh talents.

This is going to be a challenge. Otherwise, it is not so easy for a fresh talent to become a crowd puller over night. It is for this reason that Bukedde, NTV and now NBS tv is poaching the already established TV personalities. Whilst it may take some good years for BBS to develop and popularise their own talents. It is clear, that the station need some established names to popularise the brand.

The BBS has been positioned as a Buganda Kingdom TV ( Telelefaniya Yaffe). It is good to associate with Buganda, However that is not enough. What matters what you offer and who presents it.

Mr. Robert Kabushenga and the team have in the recent past positioned Bukedde Tv and Bukedde Newspaper as close partners of Buganda Kingdom- the programming, reporting on Bukedde TV and the content in the Bukedde Newspaper tells it all. They have been major partners in the kingdom’s activities and events.

The BBS may require a clear thought out strategy to ‘dislodge’ Bukedde from Buganda. We are aware of what happened to Kngdom’s telecom Netowork-K2. Airtel Uganda close association with the Buganda Kingdom has pushed K2 under the carpet. –How safe is BBS tv?

The BBS recently entered a partnership with Dstv/GOtv, what I great move! But what about subscribers on the other pay Tv channels like Azam and Star Times? According to market reports, Star Times has a large customer base of low-end. Most of these customers are in Buganda. Management must quickly work out a plan to ensure that BBS is also on all the available pay TV channels Uganda.

Otherwise, you cannot say you are a Buganda kingdom TV when the some of the kingdom loyalist cannot access you.

Management must also about a digital strategy. That is, developing a mobile App’s so that the Kingdom loyalist and Ugandans in the Diaspora can watch the station.

It is estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, there are over ten thousand Buganda-that is a good number to have on the BBS tv mobile App. The App will in the end will be a source of revenue, as advertisers seeking to reach Diaspora Uganda will dash to advertise on the platform.

It is also important for the station to appoint experienced marketing professionals. Behind the success Of NTV, NBS and Bukedde are seasoned marketers. Otherwise, it is not all about entertainment. The business must make enough revenue to sustain it and profit for the shareholders.

There are so many problems in Bugunda which the TV can feature and market to potential sponsors. This strategy has worked out for NTV. For example, the BBS can collaborate with Uganda Tourism board to market tourism in Buganda.

Over to you the management Of BBS tv.

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