Man shot dead for brushing CEO’s car at Forest mall

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    Mathew Kanyamungu, the Chief Executive Officers, Quantum Express Logistics has been arrested for allegedly shooting dead an innocent civilian at Forest mall.


    Sources say, the victim, Akena Kenneth Watmon, a Community Development Offcier from Aruu North county Pader district  appeared at the Forest Mall in Kampala on Saturday morning to withdraw money from an ATM machine.

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    However, as he reversed his car in the parking lot, he unintentionally knocked another vehicle belonging to Kanyamungu. Akena quickly got out apologizing and negotiating with the owner of the damaged car.

    It is said the man whom the late Akena was apologizing to, reportedly lowered his car wind screen and shot him in the stomach. He died hours later at Norvik hospital in Kampala.


    According Aruu MP Hon Odongo Otto, the suspects have been identified as Mathew Kanyamungu, CEO at Quantum Express  logistics a Ugandan . He was in company of his girl friend Cynthia Munwangari a Burundian national.



    The suspects are currently detained at Jinja Road police station as police goes on with her investigations.


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    1. I think that man who shot Akena 2 death is layble 4life in person if found guilty and his clan should pay the clan of the deasise and I wish that the government of Uganda should brings back that law of musa that says an eye for an eye such things will be stopped even without government sensitization

    2. Really this country is sick. people are like predetors sucking other’s blood. So sorry for our Uganda let’s pray for ourselves.


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