The Ugandan soldier who shot the Israel commando at Entebbe

White diplomats bowing down to president Amin whilst reciting 'Oath of Allegiance' to him
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As the Israel marked 40 years since their commando raid on Entebbe Airport to rescue hostages taken by a group associated with the Palestine terrorist, the focus was more on how the Israel planned and executed the rescue.

However, little is known about Ugandan soldier who shot and killed of the Israel commando, who happened to be a brother to the current Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
The Ugandan soldier who shot Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s brother at Entebbe was Captain Rafael as we ordinarily called him,” recounted Hussein Lumumba Amin, the son former President, the late Idi Amin.

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“I never got to know his family name,” he added.

Lumumba told FakeBeat that contrary to what is portrayed in the movies; “Rafael shot the Israeli commander dead with one shot from his service pistol and not a sniper rifle.”
Some writers claim Yoni was felled by sniper fire from the rooftop.

Lumumba claims Capt. Rafael was also the commander of the Ugandan soldiers guarding the hostage perimeter.

“So it was literally a cowboy style face-to-face draw between the two commanders when the Israeli’s entered the building,” said Lumumba, adding, “Captain Rafael was faster.”

Lumumba did not provide evidence to back his assertions.

Most importantly, Yoni had participated in high level commando missions before the Entebbe Raid.

In the early 1970s, Yoni joined the elite Special Forces unit Sayeret Matkal and in the summer of 1972 was appointed as the unit’s deputy commander.
He had served in the Paratroopers Brigade before enrolling at Harvard University to study philosophy and mathematics.

In 1972, Yoni commanded a raid, Operation Crate 3, in which senior Syrian officers were captured and exchanged in return for captive Israeli pilots.

The following year he participated in Operation Spring of Youth in which the alleged terrorists and leadership of Black September were selectively killed by Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet-13 and the Mossad.

Lumumba said Rafael who allegedly shot Yoni was “also an Israeli trained commando, the batch that had received extra paratrooper training in Greece.”

“He then did some commando maneuvers that enabled him to literally dodge Israeli fire before jumping from the first floor balcony and escaping with Israeli’s still trying to shoot him,” Lumumba recounted.

He said Rafael died of natural causes around 1995, and it is in his hometown of Tororo, Eastern Uganda where he was quietly laid to rest.

“However in 1976 right after the burial ceremonies for the Ugandan soldiers who had died during the Entebbe incident, President Idi Amin awarded Captain Rafael with Uganda’s military cross medal,” said Lumumba.

“That one clean shot which killed the Israeli commander Colonel Yonathan (Yoni) Netanyahu is literally the shot that saved Uganda’s honour, if not the whole of Africa’s at the time.”

Source: FakeBeat

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