NRM government is about to fall- Tamale Mirundi

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‘Prophet’ Tamale Mirundi has revealed that the National Resistance Movement days are numbered. The former Press Secretary to President Museveni says it is clear that NRM government is about to fall.


Using an example of a ship, Mirundi observed that when a ship is about to sink, rats start coming out from the bottom running for safety.

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‘‘Today, most Ugandans are not at peace. Nearly every Ugandan has virtually turned into a beggar; University professors, ministers, families of ministers etc have turned into beggars.’’ he said.


Mirundi made the remarks while on Top Radio 89.6 FM talk show hosted by Steven Dustan Busulwa.


Mirundi remarks come at a time when a couple of high profile Ugandans have gone to the media indirectly seeking help including medical assistance from the president. The latest is the husband to state minister for education and sports.


Mirundi went on to say that he cannot work as a minister in president Museveni’s government.


‘‘I cannot accept a ministerial appointment in NRM government. The NRM government is full of Mafia’s who work in the shadow. These mafia’s are the ones influencing government policies. I cannot work in such an environment.’’ Mirundi said.


He added: A year out of government, I have proved I can survive outside government. I have been able to educate my children and my family is living a better life.


Earlier Mirundi boosted: President Museveni should see me; I am now much better and in good health.


Asked why he accepted to work as a presidential advisor in president Museveni government, Mirundi said:


‘‘Presidential advisors are usually old people, I am not old. That is why I have never stepped into that office’’ he also claims he has never received his salary as a presidential advisor on the media.


Mirundi 58, served as press secretary to the president for 13 years. During this time, Mirundi attacked anyone who criticized the NRM government and president Museveni.






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