After many women stars made it, REMA could not wait for the wedding that was not coming

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By Hajj Ashraf Simwogerere

Dear children Kenzo and Rema,
I was a bit reluctant to write to you. I am surprised that even here in Kigali Rwanda your saga is a hot gossip on local TVs.
The issue has become international to warrant my take. So this is my letter to you.

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First, I love Bobi Wine and Rema’s way of doing things. When Bobi wine sung patriotic songs, nobody took him serious up to the day he declared his candidature for MP Kyadondo East, which he won overwhelmingly.
Later he declared his intention to run for presidency. Still, I don’t think even his wife took him serious. As I write many Ugandan politicians are claiming to be in allay with him. That is how things change. Bobi’s patriotic songs were not in vain but a warning that he was coming. He was in a process of preparing his voters. Which was successful.

When Rema sung about a Doctor, and then “Ssiri Muyembe”, very few took her serious.
Her being in Show biz, Rema knew the would be reaction of her fans if she ever left Kenzo.
So she prepared her fans so well that when her move was made public, it was never a surprise. Almost everybody was in support of her move.
It was as she made the decision the very day it went public. Most people are like; ” Rema is right, for quite some time, she has been reminding Kenzo to formalize their relationship, Kenzo kept blind eye”.
But, let me ask, Rema’s relationship with the doctor start last week?. Your answer is as good as mine.

Kenzo, my son when I read your post at first I thought it was a social media gossip until I checked your wall to prove not. I loved the way you handled it. It was really a civil submission.
The sentence that; “Tugumide binji nnyo nnyo” in that post, summarised it all. You just forgot that it was not “Tugumide binji” but “Ngumide binji”. For Rema it was long ago enough to replace you with the doctor.
She is outside your; tugumide binji”. In Uganda the show biz policy of not announcing a partner doesn’t work for women celebrities.
A woman would rather lose her fan base but after the pomp of her introduction function.

After the many women stars who have made it, I don’t see Rema waiting for what is not coming.
She would rather sacrifice Kenzo the father of her kid but after her introduction pomp.
To Rema my daughter, you have swallowed a pin as people say, hopping that it will pass through the intestines horizontally and smoothly without damage especially if it turns diagonal.
I hope the doctor didn’t like you because you are a star but as a woman.
The challenges of marrying a star especially on the side of men is not simple. A lot of sacrifice will be demanded. And I don’t think you dropped Kenzo out of hate.

But for another reason you know better. I don’t know whether that reason is strong enough to make you forget that bed of the father of your daughter. You are going to start playing the game of marriage with a yellow card on your head. I pray that you play well to avoid a red card.
You are a star who has dropped a star for a doctor. Expect all the cameras and the pens to be on you for the next few months if not years.
Remember it’s your negatives that will sell. I think Judith has the best story to learn from. I would hate to hear a similar one in your case too.

For my son Kenzo, I see it from your post that you were hurt. If you were reluctant to officially marry Rema, my pen is not here to judge you.
But I tell you what?. In show biz, you have scored because your women fan base is going to double. Human beings are funny they have “ENSAALWA”(jealous), its only your parents who were genuinely happy with your couple.
Otherwise the rest were longing for this time, so just take heart remain civil and focused.

For you Rema, I thank you for being broad enough to take that decision if Kenzo was reluctant to “kuwoowa” you.
I love that religious part. And I pray that if Doctor has other women, you (REMA) don’t carry that dress of celebrity into his home. Its high time you drop it and enjoy the marriage. Always remember before doctor you are all the same as his wives.

And lastly this goes to both of you, (Kenzo and Rema). The major victims of this scenario are the two young innocent souls. That is Amaal and the other girl who knows you Rema as the mom.
It is the two of you who will keep them smiling I don’t know how but it is my prayer. Stay well my son and daughter.


Kenzo: Only God knows why our relationship failed, am single & not searching

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