Uganda named among the top 10 world’s most welcoming countries

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Whether it’s a friendly face at check in or a taxi driver who’s full of useful tips, nothing beats getting a warm welcome on your travels – and our interactions with local people have a huge impact on how we view countries as a whole.
Research carried out by this month by a globally respected tour and travel firm, Rough Guides, Uganda emerged among the top ten world’s most welcoming countries. Uganda is ranked third after India (No. 2) and Ethiopia (No. 1).

‘‘This month, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to share where they’ve found the most hospitable places around the world. Here’s what they said.’’ Said Rogue Guides on its website. The firm in based in United Kingdom.

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Once dubbed “the pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, Uganda still has plenty to be proud of, including a healthy population of mountain gorillas, the source of the world’s longest river and the Mountains of the Moon, the continent’s tallest range.

Many years of civil strife have largely kept it under the tourist radar, though travellers have begun flocking back in recent times with the fostering of stability.

READ: Uganda named among the top 10 world’s most welcoming countries

The other countries are: Columbia (no. 4) Japan ( no.5, Indonesia (No.6), Kenya (No.7), Myanmar (No. 8), Finland (NO. 9) and Bolivia (No. 10)

Rouge Guides are also the Publisher of inspirational travel guidebooks and features. They have 202,704 twitter followers and 233,704 followers on Facebook. The firm did not state how many people participated in the research and their country of origin.

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