Seventh Day Adventist World Leader, Pastor Ted Wilson hails Museveni

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President Museveni on Friday held a meeting with the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church World leader, Pastor Dr. Ted Wilson, in which among other things they discussed the examination policy in Uganda.

“I thank you for visiting Uganda. The SDA members in Uganda are disciplined. I will give instructions to ensure that exams are not set to take place on Saturdays in Uganda,” Museveni said in response to Dr. Wilson’s request to have no exams on Saturdays, which are observed as the Sabbath by the SDA faith.

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The SDA Church World leader Pastor Dr. Ted Wilson thanked President Museveni for the exemplary hospitality that he has accorded him and his delegation since their arrival in Uganda.
Dr. Wilson saluted President Museveni for ensuring freedom of worship for all faiths in Uganda. He informed the President that the Sabbath is a day to help people.

He prayed for President Museveni and Uganda on top of thanking God for enabling the Government and people of Uganda host refugees. He highly commended the Government of Uganda for the contribution to the welfare of the refugee community now living in the country.

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