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Zari using her Snapchat told off all those who were comparing her to Fabiola to stop it because the two were incomparable. She went on to assert her beauty through these lines;

“And the rest stop comparing me with hoes that have never been to labor. At 35 with 4 kids, I’m way too hot for your comparisons…I bet. Some of you will look like smashed water melons after 1 kid into labor, stop it already.”

Some social media enthusiasts were quick to link this to Anita Fabiola now that she was seen hobnobbing with Diamond Platnumz in Los Angeles during the BET Awards. However, the beautiful mom of four was quick to clear the space;

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“Lol this had nothing to do with Anita Fabiola, she is my friend, don’t create unnecessary beef please…”she said.
In the comments though, some were like they would rather be with Zari who has four kids than Anita Fabiola, others went on to add that they are patiently waiting for Anita’s looks when she drops 4 babies.

In the selfie pic with Platnumz, some went on to say that Anita’s fingers seem to indicate that she bleaches as some parts don’t match.

Short of that, most comments from women seemed to suggest that no woman should call the other a ‘hoe’…

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  1. […] Ugandan’s who never disappoint didn’t help the situation, hounds of men cast their vote on who of the two full-figured brown “belle’s” they would rather have as a bedfellow whereas most women asked to be allowed to review the situation when Fabiola pops a few kids evening out the playing field. Women sympathetic to Zari threw a few cheap shots taking issues of dermatologists in their own hands suggesting Anitba must be bleaching because some of her parts were not evened out. […]


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