How Kenyan Woman Quit Airhostess Job, Sold Land to Join Pastor Mackenzie’s Kilifi cult

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It is now emerging that an air hostess who had a high-flying job in Doha, Qatar, is one of the people who sold everything and quit her career to join Pastor Mackenzie’s Kilifi cult.
Beatrice Ajenta Charles joined the church a few weeks ago, and her close friend Anna detailed how the woman quit her job and followed her parents to join the church for fasting, which has led to the deaths of tens of people.
A report by Ghetto Radio indicated that the woman met her friend days before she went to Shakahole village for starvation premised on the promise to see Jesus as Mackenzie told his followers.
On April 4, 2023, an uneasy-looking Betty briefly met her close best friend Anna and left her with a necklace bearing her son Jason’s photo.
That would be the last time that Anna would see her friend Betty as her efforts to find out her whereabouts would be fruitless in the days that followed.
Betty’s sister Constance
Betty’s parents are believed to be senior members of Mackenzie’s church, and it is alleged they had Betty’s nine-year-old son Jason also starve to death. He died in March 2023.
Betty’s sister Constance Chao also quit her military job to join the cult, and her husband does not know if she is alive or dead.
“My wife too left her military job after her sister quit hers, and they left,” Abbas, Chao’s husband, who has been at the exhumation site hoping to find her and Betty alive, told the Standard.
Betty and Constance had a brother called Michael, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

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