Eddy Kenzo to fans: Never take anything for granted

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A day after photos of Rema Namakula and her new lover Dr. Ssebunya went viral, Eddy Kenzo took to social media to express his regret at how things had turned out.

In an interview with local TV, Kenzo was visibly distressed by the break-up.

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In the carefully written post on Facebook, one could clearly see that the BET award winner was hopeful that Rema would give him a second chance or to put it better, a last chance.

However, from the looks of things, like Rema is not turning back. Reliable sources confirm that Rema is in preparations for their introduction ceremony. Meetings are being held with close friends. The ceremony will be held at her parent’s home in Nabbingo, Butaka in Wakiso distric

So what next for Eddy Kenzo?

‘‘I have moved on’’ Kenzo said on Sunday.

In another post, Kenzo called on fans ‘‘never take things for granted’’

Rema is said to have given signals to Kenzo, which he ignored.
Sometime last year, Rema released ‘Signal’ hit’ ‘Siri Muyembe’, In the song, Rema sang about how someone she was in love with was not responsive.

“I’m not a mango that I’m going to ripen, neither am I a paw paw. If you are not seeing my worth, if you are not taking good care of me, others will take me. Then you will realize that you were actually the one in wrong,” goes some of the lyrics in the song.

‘‘Constantly remind yourself how short and fragile this life is. Take nothing and no one for granted. Appreciate everything, do your best under any given situation. Don’t give up and keep going. Most importantly, keep peace in your soul!’’ Kenzo said on Sunday.

Seeks divine help
In another post, Kenzo asked the almighty God to keep Satan at bay during this hard times.
‘‘Almighty, we ask you to grant us peace of mind and calm our troubled hearts. We can’t seem to find the balance we need in our lives so we stumble & worry constantly’’. Kenzo said.
‘ ‘ Give us the strength and clarity of mind to walk the straight path you’ve laid out for us. Keep Satan at bay!’’

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