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By Nakawunde Kautharah

Singer and Dance hall star Ziza Bafana of Pomini Pomini fame and Guluma na Somye has yet released another single dubbed “Tuli Majje”-literally meaning we are soldiers.

Newz Post is taking a critical review of the Tuli Majje lyrics and the satire behind the song. Otherwise beside the crescendo Bafanas’ tune here are the unanswered questions you need to know:

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In another Jibe Bafana seemingly takes on Bebe Cool who always claims that to be teaching other Ugandans and fellow singers. Dancehall ‘king’ says that ill teachers ( read Bebe Cool) do not teach soldiers. He goes on to suggest that Bebe is indeed lyrically ill.

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Is the song targeting Bebe Cool or the current Regime in Uganda

In the song Bafana stresses that “ ffe tetubonga na baffala kuba tuli Majje” -we don’t associate with fake buddies. For we are soldiers of hope. Previously a group of singers came out to sing for the ruling party in a song dubbed –Tubonga naawe Sevo Sevo. Others the said musicians meant that they are in full support of President Museveni.

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Bafana continues to brand an unmentioned group wolves and thieves.

He makes another blow down the belt claiming that Uganda belongs to Ugandans and no one should doubt that Ugandans own Uganda.

Who is Musuuza in the song?

Ziza Bafana taunts his haters in the song when he says that “tetulinga banoo abasomoka Lweera baneebo ba Musuuza abawoza zi rank” literally meaning ( we are not like those who came far like the Musuuza who mind about Ranks”.

Is he targeting Eddy Kenzo over the BET award? Who knows!

The answer is Kenzo hails from Masaka. He is real name is Edrisa Musuuza.

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In fact the question still lingers whether the song is targeting Tubonga naawe crew or Edrisa Musuuza but what Newz Post can prove to you is that Tuli Majje is a nice song with excellent sound good lyrics.

Our verdict is that Ziza Bafana will continue to rule dance hall in Uganda.

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