Uhuru Kenyatta: I will retire in 2022; I’m not interested in a third term

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he will retire from office in 2022 and will not try to amend the Constitution to extend his tenure after his second and final term comes to end.
In an interview with CNN on Monday, President Kenyatta said he is not interested in a third term in office despite the political undertones calling on him to remain in office longer.

“Your term of office ends in 2022. You have said the Constitution prevents you from standing again. Are you trying to going to try and seek to change the Constitution?” Quest asked President Kenyatta, who responded with an emphatic “No.”
“I am not interested,” added Kenyatta when asked whether he would heed the call of those asking him to remain in office.
President Kenyatta went ahead to explain that the calls for a referendum from a section of political leaders is not about extending his tenure but reducing the cost of running the government.

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“People are talking about Constitutional change not necessarily that they are desirous for the president to seek a third term but because of issues related to the cost of running this Constitution,” said Kenyatta.

According to Citizen Tv, President Kenyatta’s sentiments come amid claims that a section Jubilee leaders are mulling over the possibility of amending the Constitution to make him a powerful prime minister once his term expires in 2022.

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is a Kenyan politician and businessman who is the fourth and current President of the Republic of Kenya. He served as the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South from 2002 to 2013.

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