Ugandan women are better than Kenyan women- Kenyan Businessman Chris Kirubi

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Kenyan Businessman Chris Kirubi says that when a man marries a good woman they can make good money.
Speaking during the Churchill Show’s ‘The Journey’ series on Sunday, Kirubi offered unconventional advice on marriage.
According to the 79-year old bachelor, marriage is a form of enslavement that one should only enter if they have found the right partner.

“Marriage is enslavement and you have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery and into ‘jail’,” he said adding that those who find the right partner can live a happy life but some are left to wallow in enslavement for choosing the wrong partner,” he said.
“If you marry a good woman, it is such a pleasure. But there are some women, who are like they first went to the army then came back for you to marry them. They are always in a fighting mood. God has to bless you.”
The father of two further pointed out that Ugandan women have a soft spot in his heart.

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“They have hospitality….a Ugandan woman will remove your shoes, ask how your day was, she will even dress you up,” he said.
“You will never fight with them, they are very polite, If you have never experienced, get a one-way ticket as you might never come back.”
He added that Kenyan women also have their good characteristics.

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