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Frank Gashumba has called on Ugandans distance themselves from some Ugandan Pastors, noting that they are thieves, murderers and rapists. According to Gashumba, these self styled pastors loot, kill, rob, rape in the name Jesus Christ. ‘‘They exploit the poor, ignorant, hopeless’’ he said

Gashumba’s remarks follow media reports and women who accuse ‘pastor’ Yiga of rape and child negligence.

Pastor Yiga’s latest victim is a one Nalubega Brenda who he alleged raped and infected with a deadly HIV virus. Mrs. Nalubega claims Yiga is the father of her eight year boy. Last Friday High court Uganda intervened in Nalubega’s case. Civil case comes up again on the 30th of November 2015.

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Gashumba called on good Ugandans to contribute to save Brenda’s life.

‘ ‘As God fearing people, how do we thank God for what we are, if there was a price tag on the air we breathe every day, I don’t think any of us would be able to pay that Brenda’s  bill’s. She urgently needs help. She needs counseling, proper medication, nutrition, food supplements. What she needs now is not only sympathizing with her, she needs our urgent help.’’ Gashumba posted on social media.

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