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By Nakawunde Kautharah

This might sound a prophetic sentiment but how can you distance journalism from the Holy Book-The Bible? Even Jesus Christ was a journalist, who preached the truth.

With a cocktail of scandals among top Ugandan celebrities, marriage humiliation is no strange onto them.. We have compiled for you our dear readers a list of Ugandan top celebrities who seemingly will never settle in any relationship or marriage given their age, life style and all the disgraces they have gone through over the years.

And the list goes:

Juliana Kanyomozi

Song Bird, Julian Kanyomozi who is in her early 40’s is still single and indeed has failed to attract a stable relationship. The renowned musical diva seems not to be saved by her beauty that men have always dangled her like a ball. From Amon, Kassim Ouma, King Lawrence, Bobi Wine and the list is endless.

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In her early 40’s, The Fort Portal Queen, Juliana is yet to get into stable relationship or better, get married. We swear to you she is seemingly failing and she can only disapprove this only when she parades her hubby. But we are worried she won’t!!

Stecia Mayanja

A host of factors, including bad luck, peer pressure has always failed this beautiful queen also known as Coke Ka Mini. She is always in media for the wrong reasons and more so relationship scandals.

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She chose to drop the man of her style and a fellow singer Charles Ssekyewa only to scamper with an alleged city lunatic -Mubiru Abbas. Shortly after marrying Abbas, She confessed that she was tied of marrying and that finally, she had landed on Mr. ‘Right’

As we write this, Stecia is allegedly a single. However, some sources say she has bounced back to her old hubby.

Zari Hussein Tiale

Zari cannot even blame her fate on witchcraft. She is the architect of her own problems “peut être fait son souhait” (may her wish be done) that is the life style she operates

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Indeed Zari can get any man at the time she wishes. In her family, this beautiful queen from Busoga, is the Jury and the judge.

Her quest for fame has seen her from move from one man to another. Ans she are not your ordinary men-from renowned moneybag Ivan Ssemwanga to Faroog ssempala and currently Diamond Platinumz. We are sure, she has not finally settled.

Her relationships are always bound to expiry. We can predict that Diamond’s day is about to come.

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda needs no introduction. Who didn’t watch the Kitono video? For heavens, sake who can dare risk walking Desire Luzinda to the church altar? She is indeed beautiful, but man, the love scandals scare away the would be serious men.

And the politicians…

Jacob Oulanya

The deputy Speaker of Parliament has always struggled since the death of his lovely wife. His recently dumped wife noted that ‘‘Oulanya can’t get rid of the past.’’ Can we conclude that the good deputy speaker, Mr. Oulanyah, will always be successful in politics but not in marriage?
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And that reminds us of Presidential hopeful Amama Mbabzi recent statement: That woman, has no man, has no children, has no grand children….. Oba who is that?

The Academia…

Prof: Badru Katerega

He is the properitor of struggling Kampala University. Professor Badru Katerega a devote Muslim executes religious freedom. The Law allows all Muslim men to divorce at wish. Indeed, he has exploited this law to the dot. The Professors’ weak side is “women” that some time they tend to govern his business empire.

Interestingly, all the women that have tampered with Professor Katerega’s money have always been smoked out of his home. Just to mention a few: London based Busoga Princess Faridah, Kampala woman Member of Parliament aspirant Asia Nabisere Kinaabi, East African University’s Hanim Kateregga and list goes on.


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