Uganda to develop & deploy AI-based customized weather forecasting systems

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Atmo and the Uganda National Meteorological Authority (UNMA) have signed a multi-year partnership to develop, deploy, and operate AI-based customized weather forecasting systems by May 2022.

Uganda is at a critical stage of developing its oil and gas sector, the development of which will require predictable weather trends.

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“The Atmo-UNMA partnership positions Uganda as a continental leader in next-generation meteorology technologies,” said Dr. Anna Prouse, Atmo’s Vice President of Government Relations.

“Just as some African countries leapt to wireless telecommunications while foregoing older systems, Uganda will deploy AI-based forecasting while other countries maintain previous technologies.” said Dr. Apuuli Bwango, Chairperson of UNMA’s Board of Directors

The goal of the Atmo-UNMA cooperation is to greatly increase the accuracy and capability of weather forecasting models for Uganda, while simultaneously demonstrating more efficient costs of operation than legacy meteorology systems.

Atmo’s AI meteorology and supercomputing technologies will greatly benefit the country’s disaster preparedness and management, a growing priority that needs to be urgently addressed.

It will also help the country to make critical decisions to reduce disasters, and improve human safety and economic planning in the face of climate change and extreme weather patterns

Conventional meteorology is ill prepared to face the increasing weather-related cataclysms that are occurring. Atmo can support by anticipating extreme weather and therefore mitigating weather-related risks.

Uganda’s vital relationship with the weather is seen throughout the country’s economy and environment. 80% of Uganda’s exports are agricultural and fishery products while 78% of country’s electricity is generated by hydropower.

Uganda has several domestic and international airports. Prolonged dry seasons and severe rainfalls both pose risks.

AI-based weather prediction systems provide a long-term strategic solution to these problems. By leveraging the best of Deep Learning methods and new AI hardware, the cost of national meteorology can be decreased while simultaneously increasing performance.

“The enthusiasm and knowledge we encountered was stunning and we look forward to working hand-in-hand to provide a customized solution the goal of which is to deliver state of the art meteorology to everyone, leaving nobody behind.” said Dr. Prouse.

Atmo builds AI-based weather forecasting systems for governments. Through proprietary breakthroughs in neural networks for weather, Atmo systems are more accurate yet also more affordable than the billion-dollar supercomputers they replace.
Atmo’s team are senior and C-level alumni of Google X, Atomwise, Apollo Fusion, and the foreign services. Atmo systems are now producing high-resolution weather forecasts for Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa.

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