Uganda police heightens enforcement of curfew rules, SOP’s over India COVID-19 variant

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Police says due to the emergency of a dangerous and more transmissible strain of Covid-19, similar to that in India, the Joint Security Agencies, have heightened enforcement of the Covid-19 measures, including the nightly curfews.
Two weeks ago, Government confirmed that Uganda has registered the Indian Covid-19 variant B.1.617.

According to officials from the Ministry of Health, the variant also referred to as -B.1.617 was detected from travelers returning from Indian. The variant was picked up after the travelers went to get tested after they were feeling unwell.
Reports already indicate that the country has so far detected over 300 cases of COVID-19 variants from other countries. According to scientists, there are now six strains of the disease circulating in the country at the moment. These include variants from South Africa, Nigeria, India and the UK.
Only 387,027 people have been vaccinated as of 5th May 2021.
‘ ‘This is not encouraging, because many people are complacent and continue to go about their daily businesses and activities, without face masks, social distancing and or observation of proper hygiene of washing hands with soap’’ police said In a statement

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According to CP Fred Enanga, the Police spokesperson, ‘‘we have tasked all our Territorial Commanders, to conduct heightened and stricter enforcement operations during the curfew and the other Covid-19 protocols.’’
He adds: all non-essential movements during the curfew timings of 9pm- 5.30am, are restricted.
‘‘We believe this will help reduce the reckless and risky interactions at night which increase opportunity for disease transmission. We have intensified inspections, checks and raids to counter all violations and defaulters of the curfew and Covid-19 SOPS.’’
Mr. Enanga says areas of interest include; bars operating illegally, places of entertainment, gatherings of more than 200 people (except under very exceptional circumstances by the MinistryofHealth).
Also target are motorists, who are not observing the load capacity of 70% , especially in taxis , mini buses , buses and salon cars.

All boda bodas and passengers outside the 6pm limit, will be countered.

To avoid disruptions and inconveniences , police has encouraged the public and all motorists to abide by the health and safety SOPs from the Ministry of Health and ensure they are in their homes by 9pm.

‘’all persons found breaching the Ministry of Health SOPs and the curfew timings, will be subjected fines, penalties and or court action. All motorists outside the essential category, caught in the curfew will have their movements disrupted and motorcycles or motor vehicles impounded.’’ Enanga said

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