UDB launches thematic campaign to capture the spirit of growth and innovation

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The Uganda Development Bank Limited (UDBL), the country’s national Development Finance Institution, has unveiled a thematic campaign aimed at drawing attention to the national “can do” spirit with a message that taps into the inspiration, persistence and achievements of ordinary Ugandans that together drives everyday development and growth.

“As we mark yet another year, one where we have been tested by the difficult conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to recognize our national culture of overcoming challenges, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and overwhelming enthusiasm to take risks and to grow despite whatever challenges we are facing,” said the UDBL Managing Director Patricia Ojangole.

Running under the theme; ‘Improving The Quality Of Life Of Ordinary Ugandans’, the message of the campaign launched in several languages asks, “what makes us Ugandan?” and challenges Ugandans to continue “growing and glowing” because being Ugandan is synonymous with a desire to improve one’s quality of life and circumstances.

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“This is our role and mission. To improve the quality of life of Ugandans,” said Ms Ojangole, adding that, the Bank shares with all Ugandans the inspiration to work consistently for change. “It is in our DNA as Ugandans to want better for ourselves and our families. UDBL’s mandate is to facilitate this development through the vast range of products, services and solutions that we offer,” she said.

Despite the pandemic, UDBL has seen its investments grow, registering remarkable sustainable development impact this year in the areas of job creation, taxes, facilitating the resilience and continuity of enterprises, women and youth empowerment among others. The Bank has indicated growth in value-added investments in agriculture and manufacturing in strong alignment to government policy to pursue import substitution, manufacturing for export as well as facilitating on-going industrialization while creating sustainable jobs and new opportunities.

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