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Speaking on recent developments in Uganda, Samantha Power U.S. , Permanent Representative to the United Nations said that the run-up to Uganda’s election and aftermath shows there are real issues on democratic accountability in the country.

She said that President Museveni’s actions of detaining opposition leaders contravene the rule of law and jeopardize Uganda’s democratic progress, threatening Uganda’s future stability and prosperity.

She added that the government of Uganda and its security forces have continued to detain opposition figures without legal justification, harassed their supporters, and intimidated the media. It passed legislation restricting the operations of NGOs, banning them from acting against the “interests of Uganda.”

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The Ambassador was speaking at recent UN Security Council Open Debate on Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts in the Great Lakes Region held on March 21 2016 in New York.

Uganda a critical contributor to peace in the region

However, the Ambassador noted that , Uganda is a critical contributor to peace and security, especially through its long-time contribution to the AU force in Somalia.

‘‘It is also a generous host to more than 500,000 refugees, providing the right to work and access to social services to refugees just like to Ugandan citizens’’ she said

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  1. i am almost speechless , about the so called tubonga naawe group . there just money oriented not knowing where the future of our country lies!! i cannot even spend more of my guts talking about that group.


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