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By Joseph Ssebunya

Who wants it? It has helped stabilize homes and families but at the same time some families, relatives have parted ways thanks to gossip But that is not all about gossip. We share with you valve of gossip

  • Without gossip, it would be very difficult to nurse babies. Do you know how your mum was able to get healing for your insistent skin rashes that tubes and tablets failed to cure? As she gossiped about her family, she ended up telling friends you were sick and they advised on miracle herbs. Some of your father’s friends don’t even know he had children but your mum’s know even your birthday. Thanks to gossip.
  • Gossip empowers women with marital skills and they remain relevant in their marital homes. The man who hates a gossiping wife probably doesn’t know how much valuable counsel she gets to keep the home going. Through gossip, she learns new recipes, comes to learn more about her hubby’s needs and how to order her bed. Trust me, it’s the truth!
  • Over ninety percent of conversational output is grounded in gossip. Appreciating the value of conversation to social cohesion is to acknowledge that gossip is the glue for social togetherness to an extent. The soaps, the cruel husband, the stupid neighbor, the new cosmetics on the market, the boss making sexual advances, the sexually inept husband and the promiscuous girl next door will provide the table of content. Unfortunately, these are not suitable for the left-leaning rational brained man and so he will converse less. Thank God- here comes European football; men can finally enjoy the eternal benefits of gossiping.
  • Gossip has a stabilizing effect to women who experience varied pressures due to poverty, oppression and illiteracy. That’s why they prefer the isolated and distant well to the community borehole near their homes that makes it hard to meet away from the supervisory presence of their domineering husbands. So, if an NGO or water ministry wants to build a water source near to them to reduce their walking distance, it better think twice. Better build it far way from their homesteads lest they boycott it for not allowing them the soothing of benefit gossiping about their husbands.
  • Few management tools are cherished more than gossip. Almost every manager falls victim once or twice to the inclination to use gossip as a way of managing subordinates. The grapevine seems the most effective way of causing quick change or managing communication of complex and polarizing information. All you do is package your intended information in an attractive gossip and locate a suitable dissemination point. Of course after the information has been received, you are able to assess its impact and people’s response. You will have the flexibility to decide whether to deny it or repackage it in a more palatable way.
  • In organizations, the most abundant skill you will find is the art of gossiping. It has helped some workers get where they are, although someone had to suffer as a result. Those who thrive on the power of gossip gradually perfect the art that even their most principled supervisors believe them to the point of trusting them with increasing responsibility. They know that managers are not close to the subordinates and yet wish to know their affairs, including their attitude to work and their bosses. Even those who cower away from making decisions based on rumours know the danger of ignoring some rumours. And gossip machines know this too well- and use it to their advantage.
  • Gossip is a job creator. If you doubt, legislate against it and see how many radio and TV stations can remain operating. They can’t since 67% of their programming is gossip! And we need those jobs. It is a source of employment. Reporters are professional gossipers and we the audience enjoy the gossip when it’s not focused on us. So, why would anyone legislate against it?
  • Gossip relieves stress and has been an effective stress management tool. Even counselors submit to the self gossiping process (which they disguisedly call self disclosure) to help the client relive his experiences and make sense out of them. In marital counseling, it’s real gossip when only a single partner seeks therapy.

Did you know why global suicide statistics are higher for men than women? The explanation partially lies in the therapeutic power of gossip that women so cherish. With every age group, men are far more likely to kill themselves than women because they lack a mechanism to vent pent up psychic energy (to release built-up implosive thoughts and feelings that hike push their depression) and with depression comes suicidal thoughts. Meanwhile the womenfolk will go on living amidst adversity because gossip will cleanse their minds of implosive psychic rubbish. So is it good to gossip?  Go ahead and gossip

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