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By Joseph Ssebunya

In 1993, I got my first born. Five years later, my son was well over fifteen kg in weight. He has no trouble with yoghurt and ice cream. He could also play simple games on my computer; an intelligence child. I thought. On his tenth birthday, I bought him a cheap smart phone of only Ugx. 1,100,000/= so he could enjoy his games.

At nine, he knew all the players of the ten leading European football clubs including their ages, wives’ names, type of car they drive, their earnings per week, jersey number, former team …. Unfortunately, he knows so much about the world outside his country and apparently nothing about his village; it looks like the IT revolution brought the world closer to him and pushed our village further away!

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At ten years, he had eighty-five followers on tweeter and was subscribed into an internet-based cult. In P.6, he already had a girlfriend. At thirteen, he I caught him in his bedroom with a female age mate naked having…!

I raised my son in a society bitten by a tarantula and I had to always look out for him to ensure he didn’t escape for dances at night clubs. He knows every new music album and the details about the musician; which fellow musicians he has beef with, how many girlfriends and this kid has the type of car he drives….

What’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? When I struggled to expose my child to the provisions of modern society, I thought and desired he would become a philosopher king.

After all my parenting effort, I have raised an idiot rather than a philosopher king! He cannot wash his clothes clean. He cannot cook for himself. He cannot do homework except that internet is on.

He cannot do his Maths assignments without a calculator. He does not greet out neighbours; he shows more interest in the friends inside his smart phone than his sensible village peers! He spends 6 hours on his phone, four on TV, one in his books, less than one hour in house chores and about three in evening walks!

That is my philosopher king, a shadow of the technological age.

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