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Do not make an advert that you wouldn’t want your family to read. Experts in filming and videography believe that making a selling footage and message goes beyond clip arrangement and sound. Newz.ug brings you the current sacking television adverts in Uganda-to put it clearly, they are a total shock.

Royco Cubes

One wonders the kind of characters chosen, concept and target audience for this advert. In the ad, a local dancer appears comical with disgusting sound floor. She tells the public that she is in a local market to eat “Katoogo” unfortunately she mentions Bugoloobi. This is a middle class area. You will pardon me for this. I have grown up knowing Bugolobi as one of the best places to reside in. It is impossible to find  such kind of katogo business in this area.

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Even then, the character’s impression in the advert is not that appealing. She speaks of something sweet but she doesn’t appear to enjoy the meal. Can we say it was a wrong character chosen for the advert?

Airtel 3/=

Marketing guru’s in Uganda are wondering what the concept writer was up to.  ‘‘One day my daughter told me: Dad you should switch off the Television whenever you see that ugly man laughing.” Said one marketing guru.

Yeah! We can agree with the concept writer. He tried to show us that it’s amazing to make a call on Airtel Zone, but the laughs where extremely exaggerated. After all there was nothing new that they were trying to portray. The price wars in Uganda’s telecom market in not a new thing.

Finally, one wonders why they chose to shout in the advert that we can hardly hear the message and the contacts.

Ebirungo bya FACO

I must say the advert is brief and perfect.  The packaging is wanting – it is so loose. The advert talks of thighs, legs, hips and breasts but it is totally photoshoped. The body parts portrayed are digitally enhanced. People expected to see a woman with clearly enhanced body parts only to see photo montage! We don’t think the advert meets marketing ethical standards. Or do we have one in Uganda?

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