Tension as UBC moves to cut out Ghost employees

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By our reporter

Yes the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) is a government media house but incredibly ailing. Never mind the institution has huge budget allocation from the Office of the Prime Minister

Part of the problem is employee morale is at its lowest. It is said, most of UBC staff are freelancers who are paid very little which makes them so reluctant. The chit –chat has it that the institution might be carrying some ghost employees on the payroll

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Sources say in the past few weeks the State owned media house embarked on a massive clean up to cut out potential ghost workers and unproductive employees as the administration seeks to bring new life in the once might media House.

Inside sources say, UBC administration has produced an updated employee list. Over 300 people including field reporters and internal staffs have been scrapped. A huge relief for the institution. We hope, the developments will bring about efficiency.

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