Tanzania ruling party wins 262 of 264 parliamentary seats: will Magufuli scrap presidential term limits to extend his rule?

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Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli will be be sworn-in for the second term this week, after completing one of the biggest victories for his ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in the country’s multiparty era.
According to government spokesperson H. E President-Elect, Dr. Magufuli will be officially sworn in on 5th November, 2020, at the Jamhuri Stadium in Dodoma.

In a tweet, he mentions that ‘’ the event will be attended by local and international leaders as well as Tanzanians representing various sections of our beautiful country.’’

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In this year’s results, the NEC showed this record had been broken, with CCM winning 262 of 264 constituenncies in the unicameral house
The party had already won 28 constituencies before a vote after opponents were disqualified. With the law allowing another set of special seats to be nominated from party lists based on their representation in parliament, CCM could have as many as 388 members on the Floor.

The Tanzanian parliament, of MPs from mainland and Zanzibar, has 264 elective constituencies but the majority party still retains powers to nominate another 100 MPs, meaning that CCM could have more than 340 legislators on the floor of the new Parliament.

What next with this huge majority in parliament?

Early this year, Tanzania Parliament Speaker Job Ndugai, a close ally of President John Magufuli, reportedly announced plans to scrap presidential term limits to extend Magufuli’s rule

According to Tanzania’s constitution, the president cant limited to two five-year terms. Mugufuli was elected president in 2015.

The Speaker is quoted as saying ‘’ Parliament will swiftly begin the process of scrapping presidential term limits after October 2020 elections to extend Magufuli’s rule’’
The Speaker is quoted as saying ‘’Tanzania needs a ruler like Magufuli, not a leader’’

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