Tamale attacks Gen. Elwelu over Kitatta remarks; ‘‘Keep quiet, your hands are stained with blood’’

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Presidential advisor on the media Tamale Mirundi has attacked the UPDF Commander of Land Forces, Maj.Gen. Peter Elwelu over his recent remarks on jailed boda boda 2010 patron Abudallah Kitatta.

Speaking at the handover ceremony for Muzeeyi Sabiiti who was the commandant of the military police, Elwelu praised Sabiiti for defeating hooligans who had taken over Kampala.
“Thank you for handling hooligans like Abudallah Kitatta who made the city chaotic.Thank you for defeating hooliganism .Kampala is the face of the country and should be for everyone to enjoy. We thank you for the good service” Elwelu said.

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Speaking on Bwaise based Top Radio 89.6 FM on Monday evening, Mirundi observed that Maj. Gen. Elwelu has no moral authority to call Kitatta a hooligan.
‘‘They used to work with him [ Kitatta] and now they are calling him all sorts of things. More importantly, that man’s hands are stained blood. A whole tribe is looking for him, following the inhumane attack on their loved ones and their king’’ Tamale Mirundi who is said to be a close friend of embattled Kitatta noted.

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Mirundi added that Uganda has seen great men who have come and gone just like that adding that Elwelu’s time will also come. ‘‘ Kayihura served with all his energies, today he is no more. His children had a right of way, fast-forward, they are like any other Ugandan. That is NRM, instead of appreciating those who served diligently, they humiliate you’’ he said.
On 27th November 2016, the fierce UPDF general, Maj. General Elwelu, while serving as a commander of the UPDF 2nd division, based in Mbarara commanded a mission which saw Rwenzururu Kingdom torn apart.

More than 100 people lost their lives and several royalist arrested including the Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere.
The deadly attack left only charred bodies of royal guards and smoldering ashes of torched shrines, which had housed priceless cultural artifacts.
“We are going to keep in place until no more tension and no more criminals in the region… The operation is still on,” Brig Elwelu said, referring to the dead victims as “terrorists”.

Elwelu also served as a commander within the UPDF when it invaded Zaire and overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, alongside the Rwandan military. He returned to Uganda in 1999 and was deployed to the Northern Region to fight Joseph Kony and his guerilla Lord’s Resistance Army. During that tour, he survived being shot in the back.
When Uganda first sent troops to Somalia in 2007 under the African Union Mission to Somalia, Elwelu commanded the first Uganda military contingent.

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