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By Nakawunde Kautharah

Local Television celebrity Innocent Tegusuulwa usually criticize bad investors with taunting jibes like “ Toli mwaavu, Mutwegwo gwemwaavu” a Luganda sentiment literally translated as (you are not poor, it is your poor brain haunting you)

Previously renown contemptuous singer and Gagamel boss-Bebe Cool, the Forum for Democratic Change Dr . Kizza Besigye when he went on to picture his petrol station following last week’s Black Thursday boycott by FDC where people were asked to stay home as solidarity to opposition leader who is currently under ‘‘home detention’’

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This campaign was labelled #FreeMyVote where people believe that it will help rescue Kiiza Besigye.

In what Bebe Cool seemingly suggested that the Forum For Democratic Change was spoiling people’s investments, FDC’s Party President Mugisha Muntu tasked Bebe Cool to unveil his investments that he could be boosted with Ugx. 500.

Shockingly, The singer rushed to a local radio station only to claim that “My music is a very big investment. I spend a lot of money to make my songs. I spent over $ 28000 on my Love You Everyday video and it has taken me places. Investments can be in many forms, and my children are my investment too, because I expect value from their success in the future” he proudly stated.”

He added; I own a house- “unfinished” and a host of “businesses”

However, those close to him have it that his $28000 can’t afford to buy 2012 model Toyota Hilux SR Auto 4×4 MY12 .All we know is that Bebe Cools $28000 can’t buy Prime land in Kampala and I can’t cater for a hotel Room in Monaco or Vegas (first class hotel) .

Other sources close to him say that the $28000 investment money used for “Love you every day” video originated from ‘some where’ and it was all spent on foreigners who shot the video as opposed to locals.

He should stop calling his children and your unfinished house investments it is rather his responsibility to build and finish the house. Said one of his fans on social media

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