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By Nakawunde Kautharah

It is dreadful that a national venture that is obliged to meet National goals is busy exploiting the children of this land. Information that is hard to refute indicate that Uganda broadcasting cooperation ( UBC) is currently operating like a Mafia Business or a charity organization. Reliable sources tell Newz Post that over 75 percent of UBC TV employees work for free with a clique of decision makers getting paid handsomely.

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Our source told us that most of the reporters were recruited as volunteers and thus they are given nothing like commission, transport, lunch or any other allowance. The sources says some employees were recruited on probation with no pay with promise of a contract in three months/ A year later, the good Ugandans are still waiting for the contract.

The poignant informer revealed that Jobs at UBC TV can only be got through only two people who we wish not to reveal their names.

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The source added that it is a tool that a one of these fellows uses to allegedly sexually exploit the female internship students and probation employees.

It is Sad that the station operates like Obotes army. Recently, one of the good editors told a female employee that she should use her identity card to get money implying that one should pay to get his story aired.

Indeed UBC TV redefines the notion of steady progress that assumes Job Creation and it is no doubt that this is the cause of bad broadcast and poor programmes despite the huge budget.

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It is a sad the image to the journalism world and the reason why UBC reporters have since turned into beggars while in the field.

In our next story I will unveil to you the News Editor at New Vision who asks reporters for money to pass their stories.

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