sad state: Parliament directs Minister to investigate the living conditions in Nsambya Police barracks

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The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has directed the Minister of Internal Affairs to investigate the state of affairs at the Nsambya Police Barracks in Kampala.
The directive was prompted after Hon. Maurice Kibalya raised a matter of national importance in regard to the living conditions in the barracks.

“It is a sad state of affairs as the barracks does not have water or power. If this week there is water, then the following week, there will be no power. These officers are committed to serve the country but their environment is not appealing. We need to look into this matter,” he said.
He also requested that the Committee on Defence and Internal Affairs investigates the situation at the Nsambya Police Barracks. “Nsambya Police Barracks needs some sort of intervention. The housing there is pathetic for a barracks in the middle of Kampala. They need decent homes,” he added.

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While chairing the House on Tuesday, Kadaga was concerned about the housing project to decongest the police barracks in and around Kampala. The project involved construction of houses for its officers in Naguru, a suburb of Kampala and also the seat of the police headquarters.
“While Gen. Kale Kayihura was still the Inspector General of Police, he had started a construction project to decongest some of these barracks. What happened to them? Did they just stall?” she asked.

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