Police arrest man for child sacrifice

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Police say they have arrested an alleged child trafficker filmed in a 2011 BBC investigation into human sacrifice.
The suspect, a lorry driver, was picked up at the border town of Elegu in northern Uganda over the weekend.
Police spokesman Fred Enanga confirmed that he would be transferred to the police’s Special Investigations Directorate in the capital Kampala on Monday.

He says the police only became aware of the alleged activities after a video of the suspect taken 10 years ago was recently shared on social media in which he claims to head a network of child traffickers in the country who kidnap children to provide them for use in witchcraft and other forms of exploitation.
In the report, the suspect boasted to the BBC team, posing as buyers planning to traffic children to the UK, about how he got hold of the children.

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Mr Enanga says the police will review the allegations contained in the report and that no charges have been made against him yet.
Police are now appealing to the public to provide information that could help with investigations.
Until this month, Uganda’s laws did not include human sacrifice as a crime, and such offences were prosecuted as murder or other crimes.

In early May parliament passed the Prevention and Prohibition of Human Sacrifice Bill which, if signed into law, would introduce the possibility of a death sentence for anyone convicted of practising or financing human sacrifice.

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