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Speaking on democracy at the Harvard Institute of Politics, Rwanda president, Paul Kagame noted that the conversation on democracy in Africa is so dogmatic because deep down. Kagame noted that Africa is still thought to be incapable of anything better than mimicry.

‘ ‘I disagree. How else to understand the experience, which I have often had, of being presented with the names of potential successors, and then urged to pick one among them, something which I have neither the desire, the power, nor the right to do.’’

He added: It is like saying; pick someone we are comfortable with, or we will do it for you. But then what about all the Rwandans around whom the whole Constitution is built, when they make their choice? Rwanda is moving forward. Our progress is real and it is being driven by innovations and institutions that work.

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The choices that are made democratically, for our own benefit, and which harm no one, can never be a lasting impediment to good relations with friends anywhere.

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