Pastors or Traders in the temple of the Lord?

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By Bishop Zac Niringiye
The New Year’s Eve found my family and I in our country home in Kiburara, Nyakabande in Kisoro District. As always, midnight found me in bed. What was different from my New Year’s Eve nights in Kampala was it was blissful in Kiburara!

The authenticity and simplicity of life in rural Uganda is beautiful. No hype; no noise; no fireworks; no bands; no hullabaloo from pastors or bishops. I was so glad! January 1 was simply another new day.
I must confess, I have never found any justification for staying awake on New Year’s Eve. Whether to pray or to watch the frenzy. I suppose my choosing to be in bed is a form of protest.

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Of course that many will disagree strongly, but my Kiburara experience confirmed my long-held sense that all the hullabaloo of so called passover/crossover as though midnight of December 31 was some ‘holy’ or ‘magical’ moment is simply a charade and even a fraud.
There many, who simply make the most of it, not because it’s unlike other days or nights, but they choose to make it special.

I know of family with a tradition – it’s the one night in the year when they try to get together, talk, laugh, play, games, pray, eat, drink, etc, which is great.
What’s troubling is the hundreds and thousands that flock churches and stadiums in search of _”New Year’s anointing or miracle”_ promised and declared by various religious leaders in their varying capacities.

Perhaps we should be more honest with ourselves and call these pastors who or what they really are: traders in the temple of the Lord. Isn’t New Year’s Eve the another Black Friday?
Sometimes, I wonder whether well-intentioned pastors and church leaders have been duped to join the frenzy.

Sadly, the faithful are just as carried away. It should trouble us that getting a job, a car, a plot, a wife or husband, a passport, a visa, a job promotion, are the miracles sought after and promised.
These things don’t happen by miracle. It’s hard work. They are fruits of hard work.
Lord have mercy!!

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