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Pastor Kayanja: God should send you a divine pant with a padlock


By Pastor Solomon Male
I refer to the ‘wonder’ filled ‘77 days of glory’ at the Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral relayed on Channel 44 Miracle TV on 03 December 2016 which featured Samson Mukisa (aka Musasizi Robert) and his so called mother, Olivia Nansubuga repenting to you, Pr Robert Kayanja for the 2008 – 2012 sodomy saga and Sunday Vision, 12th  Dec 2016 story titled ‘I lied, says Kayanja’s accuser’

My response

Pastor Kayanja, you desperately organized another Miraclewood film show to attract public sympathy, clear your name and portray us – Pastor Solomon Male, and my colleagues who include a victim whose sodomy complaint against you was never investigated. We were framed, persecuted, prosecuted, denied opportunity to defend ourselves, convicted on 03 October 2012 for a crime we never committed and we served sentences.


Mukisa Samson speaks the ‘truth’

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In his Affidavit and first statement at CPS on 17/2/2009, and in his statements made while in Kibuli CID detentions  of 15 & 19 May 2009, he said he was Mukisa Samson.

In his extra-judicial statement made in Buganda Road Court on 20 May 2009, he is called Bulega Robert alias Samson Mukisa.

On Akaboozi Ku Bbiri Fm on 25 May 2009 hosted by Basajja Mivule he introduced himself as Samson Mukisa Musasizi Kaliba Robert. Etc.

Surprisingly however is that even during his confession at Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral on the 76th day of the 77 days of glory, to introduce himself he said, ‘Praise the Lord. The names, mom has already told you, Mukisa, I mean, Musasizi Robert. She named me Musasizi but in my clan they call me Kaliba Robert.’

Close to six years since he had mastered being Bulega Kaliba Robert Musasizi, his adopted name Bulega had already slipped out of his memory! Nowhere in his confession does he mention it. However, what he could not forget was his childhood identity of Mukisa.


As you celebrate being cleared of sodomy by Samson Mukisa, I need to remind you that when he featured on Akaboozi Ku Bbiri FM in company of his ‘mother’, Olivia Nansubuga and was asked by his host and your good friend Basajja Mivule how he had acquired the names of Mukisa and Samson, he said he had got the name Mukisa from his mother who used to be called Mukisa, and Samson was his own name. In court on 2 Feb 2011, he had mastered to allege that I am the one who named him Mukisa Samson.
I have records of all identities as already cited

Police is Kayanja and Kayanja is Police

‘All I know is that Police is Kayanja and Kayanja is Police.’ This irked the CID top brass whom you had already compromised: I hope you have not forgotten how Parliament blocked you from rehabilitating the Old Kampala Police Station which you had started off with its toilets after sodomy cases against you had started.

On 19 May 2009 when at Kibuli CID headquarters in the presence of his lawyers then, Andrew Kasirye and Paul Rutisya, he insisted that you had sodomized him and that he had been put at gunpoint to retract his sodomy accusations against you.

To silence him, the top CID officers led cartel arrested him that day and what followed you well know; detained under guise of Police Witness protection till after the Buganda Road Court case of maliciously fabricated conspiracy accusations against us was decided and we were convicted.

Towards the end of our trial he tried to come back to me and made a number of phone calls seeking forgiveness.

Though I forgave him, I refused to be excited about it and so, didn’t welcome or encourage him to approach me.

As we waited inside Buganda Road Court cells for our lawyers and sympathizers to finalize paying our fines to regain our freedom on 03 October 2012, he also came to the court cells entrance and apologized to us for falsely testifying against us to save you from the sodomy pedophilia noose. He said he had been compelled to lie against us.

Mid this year, he called me begging for forgiveness and though we forgave him, I refused to entertain him.

Because his Affidavit and first Police statement contained no dates and you were citing dates during media appearances on TV and radios and I highlighted your lies in the media, you succeeded getting him into Police custody since top CID offciers, you had afande Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana the Commando who smashed retired Colonel Dr Kiiza Besigye’s car window, sprayed pepper in his entire face, opened and dragged him out and into the notorious Police van. His (Mukisa’s) statement had to be re-written citing dates when you were out of the country to create an alibi for you.

Evidence exists. Only the naïve may be ignorant of the fact that one of Uganda Police Force CIID officers’ expertise lies in manufacturing and killing evidence to create alibis for financially well off and highly connected criminals.

You have the money, guns which you can abuse to compel him to do what you want. Continue. But remember, change is like rest: time may come when everything is no more.

Samson Mukisa praises your kindness

During his confession, Mukisa praised you for your ‘kindness’ as he begged for forgiveness and declared that though you could have imprisoned him, you didn’t. I definitely can’t underrate your kindness to him and greatly thank you for it.

However, Pr Kayanja, I wonder if what he said really defines who you are or what happened to him. Didn’t you, on 21 May 2009 during our meeting with the Inspector General of Police and his team on your sodomy saga tell General Kale Kayihura and his team to take charge of all alleged sodomy victims?
Was that not ordering for their arrest and detention under guise of witness protection?

That is why I insist that Mukisa’s sodomy story cannot be concocted but his personal real-life sodomy experience with you for he has never forgotten even a little of what he said. It is his retractions that are a concoction the very reason he struggles to remember them and misses parts. How can a man who could cram such a lengthy sodomy story not remember that he has ever been detained on the orders of a merciful Pr Robert Kayanja!

Miracles that would have cleared you of sodomy indulgences

Pastor Kayanja, most of the people who followed your wonder’ filled ‘77 days of glory’ concluded that you had become a film-star who has turned Rubaga Miracle Centre Cathedral into Miraclewood, a replica of Holywood and Nolywood -renowned for biNigeria.

Congratulations for your film stardom.

I would have taken you very seriously had the following miracles taken place during the 77 days of glory.

If the September 2006 real wine smuggler, not a ‘family member’ had shown up and repented.

If the Executive of Uganda Revenue Authority had confessed for your negative publicity as the smuggler.
It would have been a miracle if mystery surrounding Kigozi, the once mad man who used to live along Luwum and William Streets in the 1980’s whom you claimed to have prayed for and healed, got off the street and taken to Rubaga Miracle Centre and died under mysterious circumstances had been cleared.

As you know, some claim he was killed after running mad again so as not to nullify the miracle claim. Either way, he must not have been healed of madness.

If masterminds and machinegun / AK 47 wielding men responsible for kidnapping your sodomy accusers had come out, repented and admitted responsibility for the kidnaps.

Saint Pr Robert Kayanja, I hope you still have vivid memory of renowned Pr Robert Kayanja’s 2006 election lies dubbed prophecies that spelt that 5 candidates would stand for the Presidential race of whom one would die, one quit, the winner would get 61.8% of votes. What followed was heightened tension as many people anxiously waited to see
prophecy fulfilled (The New Vision January 9 2006 & Sunday Vision January 22 2007).

As it turned out, six Presidential candidates, not five, were nominated. Though one, Alhajj Sebaggala pulled out of the race, none died.

Instead of the prophetic 61.8% win the, president Museveni got 59.26% of the votes. Still, his win was contested in court for election rigging and fraud. Majority of judges concurred; fraud had actually taken place, but stopped short of ordering fresh elections for the sake of national healing. If that Kayanja had come, confessed and repented of national lies, that would have been wonderful and the 77 days of glory.
What is the excitement of your clearance of sodomy about when Mukisa Samson alias Musasizi Kaliba Robert featured in the court case and in the media 2009 to 2012 and alleged that we had conspired to frame you? Was that not clearance enough?

As a caution, if your zip disturbs you or unzips your pants without your knowledge to generate intermittent sodomy accusations against you, since you have closeness to God, ask him to provide you with the best pant zip padlock so that sodomy accusations become history.

Short of that, flies like Male must keep landing on your septic sodomy wound and blame or persecute them not as they simply fulfill their duty call obligations to lick the puss.


The writer works with Arising for Christ and   Leader, National Coalition against Homosexuality & Sexual Abuses in Uganda. He is also the Publicity Secretary, National Committee on cults & False Teaching Awareness.


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  1. May God judge whoever is responsible for writing this. God is just and the Justifier. i usually tell people two statements
    1. if you realise some work done by your neighbor, acknowledge it first, then you can go ahead and out the weakeness
    2. If you cant do something- credit the one who is able to pay the price.

  2. Do you really think, that by an act of man, the 77 days platform was created? Can’t you see the hand of God and His writings all over? Would the HolySpirit- in all His glory and sensitivity, condone an act that literally lifts His name to be used as a platform for ungodliness and continue to stay.
    May God have mercy on us all!



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