Pastor Aloysius Bujingo: A Shrewd businessman or a Man of God?

Pastor Bugingo with his new ‘catch’ Who Is Willing To Die Fighting For Him
Pastor Bugingo with his new ‘catch’ Who Is Willing To Die Fighting For Him
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By our reporter

who is Pastor Aloysius Bujingo?

Pastor Solomon Male of Arising for Christ, describes the self-proclaimed man of God as a ‘shrewd businessman’. Is this a true description Pastor Aloysius Bujingo? Read on.
House of Prayer Ministries-and the Trinity
According to reliable sources, House of Prayer Ministries (HPM) is owned by Bujingo, his wife and daughter.

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First registered on 10th September 2012, Bujingo signed ownership Papers of HPM as businessman and the chairman who also doubles as the executive director. While his wife Teddy Naluswa Bujingo (also registered as a businesswoman) is the Vice chairman and Secretary General. His only daughter Doreen Gift Kirabo is the third director and registered as part of the board.
Question: is HPM a church or business?
Salt Radio
Salt Radio, broadcasting on 107.0 FM is another of Bujinjo’s business empire. According to official records, the media house was registered on 12 December 2013.

Salt FM is owned by three directors: Aloysius Bujingo, House of Prayer Ministries (which is owned by Bujingo, wife and their daughter), the third director is Bujingo’s wife, Teddy Naluswa Bujingo, who is also registered as the Secretary.
Never Mind, Bujingo collected the money from his followers, promising to start radio for them, unfortunately, the followers don’t own even a single share.
Salt TV
According to Pastor Solomon Male, while the Salt Tv project was funded by Christians, the station is solely owned by Bujingo. He owns 100 percent shares.
The Dollar man, who hates coins
When the man of God launched campaign to buy church land in Makerere, he told his followers to make their contribution in US Dollars.

He asked his followers to convert their local currency (shillings) dollar- indirectly, he was saying no to coins. Since no forex Bureau, accepts anything below $10, the starting money was Ugx 70,000.
Curses anything
The self-proclaimed man of God gets involved in petty wars that even when he has issues with his maid, he will take matters to the pulpit.
He is a man who curses all those he disagrees with. He once shocked the nation when he cursed his own pregnant daughter Doreen Gift Kirabo for falling in love with a poor Catholic Man a one Nkurunziza.
Pastor Bujingo reportedly prayed to God that the daughter faces tough times in her life. Bujjingo in a full summon accused her daughter for being stupid and conniving with Catholics saying:
“How can she elope with a man of the catholic faith? It should have been a pauper; I would have excused it. But for a Catholic to elope with my daughter!” Bugingo agonized.

The same pastor using his media cursed and asked his followers to fast and pray for Councilor Ozo of Bat-valley Theatre, where he used to have his lunch hour prayers to die in only 14 days, though God never honored his wicked plea.
Bujingo also cursed Bishop David Kiganda’s Church and all his followers to die. He called fire upon them claiming that BP David Kiganda paid a man to go and set a clinic near his office in order to impregnate his daughter-Gift Kirabo.
When he started his Church, the controversial man of God, told his married couple’s that if they had problems with their lovers, they should fast, pray so that they die and get fresh and better men and women.

Bugingo also abused his spiritual father, Apostle Dr. Joseph Sserwadda and called him a lot of non-living things.
Bujingo the Pretender
Born on 25th November 1972 in Masaka, Bujingo is said to be a man with a sketchy education who takes no advice except from his daughter and wife who he also at times fails to listen too. This is according to an inside source.
Bujingo for years, Bujingo has been castigating senior pastors in Uganda including his God Father Apostle Sserwadda ( with whom they separated over a car. Sources say, a follower donated a brand-new car to Sserwadda’s church, but Bujingo claimed it was his donation)

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Pastor Bujingo has always castigated thieving pastors, but at no time he has ever been audited. Shockingly, the Million-dollar piece of land on which his Makerere church sits and all his investments are registered in the names of Salt Media Investments whose signatories are Doreen Kirabo Gift his daughter, himself and his wife.
That’s the Bujingo for You…. Alelullah, Praise God.

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  1. Comment: What i am thinking, it were bad to hate coins because not all have notice, which means it is theif. but i hated those new churches still greating not understanding

    • Do not be mis-advised Bro. Buying something in dollars does not mean you give me dollars. When I say i need 100 Dollars, then u give me 300,000 its me to change it to dollars which i want.
      Compare Bugingo with other pastors who call for seeds yet what they do with the money you dont even see it. At least for him, we can see salt tv, salt radio, Canaan land, and soon we are constructing our PENTAGON church

  2. Comment: You media guys will be roasted in the hell fire without mercy. You are terrible propagandists! I’ve read through your well articulated propaganda about Ps. Bugingo and clearly saw that your agenda is to tarnish his name, spread hatred and actually trying to insinuate that all believers under HPM are probably misplaced! Well you’re are not the first and you won’t be the last. Set your fire and when its time expires, it will go out BUT God’s kingdom won’t be shaken because our victory was long paid for! Our Victory belongs to Jesus! Continue with your propaganda.

  3. I surely tell you whatever you have written, you will have an account of it in the end. You speak things you don’t know about because you want to make news and sell but you will reap for it. Bujingo is God’s anointed one in this generation.

  4. You hate bujingo because he condemns the habit of asking money from the followers by those falseprophets and pastors.

    You can imagine a pastor telling the followers mbu never come in front of God with out money, we should never make God small, no one can buy God.

  5. Pastor Bujingo , God has used you to change our generation that’s why am changed cz of your words may God fight all you’re battles always

    • Comment: Mable Bambi Tell Us The Fact, Will Paster Give Money To The Poor At Kiruuma-mubende Today As Pple Are Eagerly Waiting Him. Very Old & Young.? God Bless You. Call 0758478031 Bambi For Clarification

  6. Its not as if i need to support Bujingo but why do i have a feeling that everything written about him is negative?…Is he known for only negative things?i thought the article was about him but nothing has been said about him but actually what he did (not even one positive thing was written). It seems you are a die-hard follower from the other churches…Like Sempala’s church.

  7. Comment:The man of God Bugingo fight on many peaple were withdrawing because of thieving pastors. Oyee bugingo!

  8. May the Almighty God bless pastor Bug I go and all his followers. th writer will face it after earthly life. (balaruke)!!!!

  9. However much evil they write,will never stop the man of God from performing miracles .l pray that God may change their hearts en post positively.amen

  10. Comment:Our God is faithful. I now follw all the mighty things God uses Ps Bujjingo to do. A day before yesterday He was in Jinja and over 3000 Souls were rescued, the other day He was in Mbaale and over 1900 Souls were rescued. It is written “You shall know them by their fruits” You can never get good fruits from a bad tree and neither the other way round! God bless Pr.Bujjingo

  11. Comment:Progression is God given,,,All this you ‘ve written shall not make the true Man of God to fall as you may think….But God loves you,you have chance to repent…ISAIAH 1:18-19.I tell you dont get involved in fighting against spiritual leaders.You are not mighty to know the true and false leaders,just pray God to show you right paths to take…. .I remain PAUL.

  12. Comment:Who knows what is in the heart of a man, but himself and God. if he be from God, no critics can bring him down but if he is nt no support from man can raise him up stop trusting man in whom there’z no hope anything that exalted beyond human is an abomination to the Lord.


  14. Comment:pr.Bugingo word 4rm God has changed many souls en those who jst type wizout concern will account 4 their words “bajakulalukaaa”

  15. You think by writting fake articles, you will make people stop going to HPM, pastor Aloysious Bujjingo is anointed to speak to our generation.

  16. newunya abantu abawalampa Pr bujingo. kubango ebintu bye bamuwandiseko sibitufu. kibaluma nyo akumulaba nga katonda omusitudde mumulembe guno. naye tebamalako kubanda balwana nakatonda yenyini.

  17. Our pastor we love you and pray for you.No amount of intimidation and tarnishing your will turn us from the love of Christ that u clearly teach.

  18. Comment:Thank you for this brief.

    Go further and include this lady susan who works at bujingo’s church. She is so close to the pastor.

  19. Bugingo is aman who has taught lecturers,professors,ministers and even the president so Mr MALE we know who you are,you want people to help you fight BUGINGO but just listen t9 the way Bugingo preach and start also other that fighting him other ways you will never manage to fail Bugingo

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