Ntungamo Speaker defiles his 10 year old daughter, infects her with HIV

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Internet photo
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Ntungamo Grade One magistrate Nasur Magomu on Wednesday remanded – Theodore Asiimwe, the Rubaare sub county speaker for defiling his 10 year old daughter and infecting her with HIV/AIDS.
Court heard that Asiimwe gave her daughter Ugx. 10.000 to go buy bread which she would eat from school. The girl says however, that her father followed her and defiled her near the family latrine.

The girl later told her mother who was away when the incident happnned that this was the 8th time she was being defiled by her father. The mother informed police about it. When Police carried out tests on the girl, she was HIV positive.

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Asiimwe who was remanded till 18th April 2018 when he will reappear in court for mention of his case. Faces the maximum death sentence, if found guilty.

December 2014, a distressed 16-year-old girl living in Nyendo town in Masaka district got fed up with her father constantly defiling her, and decided enough was enough.
One night, she got a machete (panga) and hacked him in the head – a strike that killed him – when he had entered her room for routine sex.

Later, she told Police that she had begged her ruthless father for years to stop defiling her but that he had refused to hear any of that.
Unfortunately, their mother knew this was happening, but she had feared to report to the police. She also knew her husband had fathered children with two of his eldest daughters. But it would be only a matter of time until the truth would come to light. And it sure did when the girl felt she had taken enough of the misery and went on to slay her father.

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