NRM has developed Uganda through prioritization-Museveni

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President Museveni has assured Bibanja holders living on Mailo land that their land tenure is legally protected and no one should evict them.
Those chasing them from their land were doing so illegally, said the President, adding that it was in contravention of the law and that they are taking advantage of their ignorance of the existing law.

President Museveni made the remarks today at Kisengwe Trading Centre in Kakumiro where he was chief guest at district’s belated Women’s Day celebrations.
The President also commissioned a new line extending power from Kihumuro Town Council to Kyebando, and the newly-constructed Kisengwe Health Centre III.

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Responding to several complaints by local leaders about the continued eviction of Bibanja owners on Mailo land especially through collusion of rich people and absentee landlords, the President said the Land Amendment Bill 2008 was explicit on the status of Bibanja holders and barred illegal evictions.
He added that government had embarked on a process of compensating the landlords and processing titles for the Bibanja holders but limited resources meant the exercise would be gradual. Landlords, said the President, should be patient.

President Museveni also urged local leaders to protect the poor against illegal land evictions using the existing land law.
He said road works have started on Mubende, Kakumiro-Ndaiga and Kigumba, Kagadi to Kyenjojo roads.
He added that the road from Hoima, Bulisa to Wanseko was to be tarmacked while Hoima-Kaiso-Tonya was complete and all districts had been provided with new and sound equipment to work on murrum roads.

President Museveni castigated those who propagate lies that all development programmes can be undertaken at the same time, saying the National Resistance Movement has developed Uganda through prioritisation and will continue to do so because resources are naturally scarce.
He however said whereas the government was on track in providing necessary services such as security, electricity, education and health facilities, citizens needed to do their part in fighting household poverty and safeguarding themselves from HIV/Aids for Uganda to develop.

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