New U.S Ambassador to Uganda Natalie Brown promises to urge Museveni to organize a free & fair election, end corruption

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President Donald Trump’s choice of ambassador to Uganda Natalie E. Brown has finally been confirmed by the United States Senate.
Diplomat Natalie E. Brown, replaces Ambassador Malac at the U.S Mission in Kampala
A message from the Senate Thursday stated, “Confirmed by voice vote: Natalie E. Brown, a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Counselor, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the U.S. to the Republic of Uganda.”

In her statement, Ambassador Natalie E. Brown pledged to urge ‘’ President Museveni to ensure the political space required for an open and vibrant campaign with the free and full participation of all parties.’’
She said her achievements speak for themselves
‘ ‘I recently concluded a three-year assignment as Chief of Mission in Asmara, Eritrea, where my small team and I worked to revitalize long-strained relations against a backdrop of profound political and security change in the Horn of Africa.’’
Natalie E. Brown served in the North African country of Tunisia at the time of the Tunisian Revolution. She witnessed the Tunisian revolution an intensive 28-day campaign against the government corruption, social inequalities and unemployment that saw the ousting of the President Ben Ali in January 2011. Ben Ali had ruled the country for 22 years.

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As Deputy Chief of Mission in Tunisia as that country transitioned from dictatorship to democracy.
Diplomat Natalie adds: There, the U.S. response to that transformation was swift and substantial, and one of the highlights of my career remains our work with the Tunisian people to instill democratic practices.
While in Tunisia, Brown says her role was to keep others strong. She describes herself as a resilient person who does not back down from challenges, but also a crisis manager and this is what has kept her going over the years in her career spanning almost three decades.
“When I was assigned to Tunisia, our Embassy was attacked, and there were people who depended on me. I needed to be resilient so they could do their jobs.” Natalie said in an interview with Women in Foreign Policy, an online journal that inspires girls and women to pursue careers in foreign policy.

‘ ‘I believe the sum of these experiences has prepared me well to work with and guide our country team in Uganda, which is working on some of the world’s most challenging issues, including threats to peace and stability, massive refugee flows, rapid population growth, and corruption.’’ She said.
She also promised to strengthen Uganda’s multiparty democracy, promoting good governance, combatting corruption, and reinforcing respect for human rights, including for marginalized populations, are key U.S policy priorities.
‘‘Regrettably, these are also areas where the trend is not so positive and where there have even been efforts to stifle voices and curb political aspirations. If confirmed, these are areas on which I intend to focus.’’ She added.
Uganda will hold elections in early 2021, during which President Museveni is expected to seek a sixth term.

Ambassador Natalie E. Brown further promised to urge President Museveni to ensure the political space required for an open and vibrant campaign with the free and full participation of all parties.
‘ ‘Given Uganda’s influence in the region, this is important not only for the future of the country and its people, but also for its neighbors.’’ She stated
She says the U.S has invested in security and combatting terrorism, and ‘ ‘we make contributions to agriculture and education.’’

On the critical issue of economic growth, with 80 percent of Uganda’s population under the age of 30, in order to compete in the global marketplace, her H.E says ‘ ‘it is vital that Uganda encourage and promote job creation, technological advances, and foreign investment. Harnessing the potential of this tremendous youth bulge as a force for economic ingenuity and prosperity will also be critical as a counter narrative to violent extremism and despair.’’
To solve this , she proposes Partnering with U.S. firms to help achieve these goals and create jobs in both countries.
She further promised to strive to expand trade and commercial ties between the United States and Uganda for the betterment of both our countries.

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