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A few years ago, very few Ugandans knew that there existed a Television station called – NBS. In fact the proprietor Hon. Nabeta had to let it go –sold it off. With the recent digital migration, NBS TV is capturing the market and this could be a threat to other players in the industry. The station is increasingly becoming household name and has since taken over the once powerful Nation Television (NTV) and Vision’s Bukedde TV. It’s not by surprise that the TV was named official broadcaster for Pope Francis’s visit in Uganda

NBS Chief Executive Officer Kin Kariisa once remarked; “In all the companies I run as the CEO, we are either number one or number two, else I sell off the business. True to his word, NBS TV is now a force to reckon with in the industry.”

Just recently, the station recruited 12 key staff who were former employees of their rivals – NTV and five from the already struggling WBS TV. Industry experts say, a host of factors have helped the station get where it is today.

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In public places, more people are now watching NBS TV than other stations. Confirm the latest reports by research firm IPsos.

Kin Kariisa, the man

The station’s Chief Executive Officer Kin Kariisa is said to in good terms with his employees. In fact it’s said that Kin and employees are more like the same. He freely interacts with them and embraces all ideas that advance the company. Employees easily approach him into his office.

Sources say there is no that kind of bureaucracy at NBS. The CEO who also doubles as chairman, Kin Group is said to be pro employee and engaged in the company’s activities. Reliable sources reveal, with Kin, there is no time wasting, when he is convinced about a project, he assigns people to implement it there and then. Only he will need updates on a regular basis.

While rivals wait to seek approval which sometimes comes from the Board, NBS is already implementing the project. It’s rumored that before some 12 NTV employees left, management made frantic moves to increase pay cheque of these employees but Nairobi office was not responsive.

Local programming

The station has positioned herself as a truly Ugandan TV station. And whatever, the station does, depicts this. From programming to branding, NBS has truly positioned herself as a station every Ugandan must watch.

Programes like Omutu wo, Big Deal hosted by two funny ladies in the evening puts stress away in the evening. Promotions like Owakabi wo, where viewership vote for their favorite NBS station presenter have helped to put the station closer to the people. The promotion is taken to different suburbs and towns for people to vote. This has helped to bring TV closer to the people as well as increase on brand visibility.

NBS has also been innovative, instead of copying what rivals are doing; NBS has always introduced programs that match the competitor’s innovations. For example- Wagategedde, the serious news presented in comedy form is said to be gaining numbers. This program was introduced to meet that of rival’s Bukedde TV’s Agataliko Nfufu, arguably the best TV program today or not?

Taken together, according to industry expert, NBS TV broadcasts what people want- everyday life. Some analysists equate NBS success to Bukedde Newspaper- airing what people what and not what they want people to watch.

NBS the place to be for anything happening-live

The latest innovation-NBS live, has turned the station into true source of what is happening anytime, anywhere. Instead of waiting for news, the station now brings you events as they happen -live. While the quality of these pictures is wanting, the station, according to experts has set the trend.

This has inevitably improved NBS viewership as reflected in latest IPsos market report. Today, everyone including advertisers are running to NBS.


Ugandans tend to be political and when a network becomes political, they will tend to follow. NBS morning breeze show, which airs and discusses typical issues every morning, is fast becoming a must watch- NTV morning show has since lost out because its being too commercialized, the latest IPsos shows.

Partnership with KTN

Last year, NBS entered into a partnership with Kenya’s KTN. This partnership has started yielding results and more is expected. With the new team from NTV and WBS, rivals must pull up their shocks or risk caught ripping.

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