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A few days to Easter, Bebe Cool cancelled his Tondeka E-Kiwatule show on Easter Monday, saying he would be away for medical treatment.Bebe Cool cancels ‘Tondeka Ekiwatule’ show That was a naked lie.

On Easter Monday, Golden Production had a show at Comprehensive Hotel in Natete. Bebe Cool with no show on that day, spent the night and entire Easter Weekend just moving around town.

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While in Natete, Bebe Cool asked his close friend and Golden Production director to give him a few minutes to sing for the fans, which Mesach after consulting his fellow director, granted.

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Before, Bebe Cool went came on stage, the band started by playing Bebe Cool music, the fan went wild, started throwing bottles and chairs onto the stage. The situation was arrested when the band stopped playing Gagamel boss Music.

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The fans had also stopped Cathy Kusasira to sing only for a armed security fellow in civilian clothes pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot.

That is Tubonga Naawe for you.

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  1. That’s what’s Uganda n’s people should do and they are doing it rightly and I support them. Singers who was in tubonga naye should know that ugandan people are the people who made them what they are now. And the rest should learn from this 12

  2. for real its good 4 people lyk bebe cool they alwayz don’t learn from da mistakes they do
    i wish u do da same 2 chamelone en the other 10


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