Museveni: Ugandans still living in poverty are not working hard enough

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President Museveni has said that the few Ugandans currently below the poverty line are not working so hard.

Last year, World Bank announced that the proportion of the Ugandan population living below the national poverty line declined from 31.1% in 2006 to 19.7% in 2013

Speaking at the launch of the Ministry of Lands Zonal Office in Lira district last week, the president noted that those still in living in poverty have failed to drop the culture of begging which leads to absolute poverty.

“People should get out of poverty through labour, but not begging. You cannot get out of poverty through begging. There is a cancer called Leukemia. Now when your body cannot make its own blood, you depend on blood transfusion. They put in blood, after two weeks it is finished; they put in more blood, it is finished [again]. How can you go on like that?’’ he said.

He added: when you try to get out of poverty through begging you spread poverty. Even the one who gives you also becomes poor.

Last year, Lucy Nakyobe, the State House Controller told the parliamentary Committee on presidency that some Ugandans have turned into perennial beggars.

Ms Nakyobe observed  that there is a culture which has grown up among Ugandans of asking the president for money whenever he goes.

Ms Lucy Nakyobe was reacting to MP Ababiku’s query that: the President keeps making promises but he hardly implements them. MP Wabwoya added that the presidential pledges are long overdue which portrays a bad image to the presidency.

She expressed her plight on the growing “begging culture”, which has seen several Ugandans running to the president for financial bailout, for example, to pay medical bills or meet loan obligations.




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