Museveni: I have interviewed patients cured of covid-19 after using substances discovered by Ugandan scientists

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By president Museveni

Countrymen and country women, Congratulations for finishing the year 2021. The two years ─ 2020 and 2021 ─ have been years of trials and tribulations, but also years of great victories and triumph.

The trials and tribulations were on account of the following:

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(i) The locusts; (ii) The floods and rising levels of the waters of the Lakes (Nalubaale, Kyooga, Mwitanzigye – also known as Victoria, Kyooga and Albert); (iii) The land-slides in the Mountain areas; (iv) The floating islands, that were threatening the hydro-dams; (v) And the corona virus ─ its pandemic.
Uganda, under the NRM, has overcome almost completely, the four of these. The only exception that we are still struggling with, is the corona pandemic.
Globally, the corona pandemic has infected 281,808,207 million people, 5,411,759 million people have died and 252,735,264 million people have recovered. In some of the countries, the death rates have been quite high, as shown below: Cases Cumulative deaths USA – 52,543,602 812,577 UK – 12,338,680 148,021 ITALY – 5,756,412 136,955 FRANCE – 9,070,254 120,605 GERMANY – 7,066,412 111,219 RUSSIA – 10,458,271 307,022 CHINA –
In Uganda, after almost the two years of battle with corona, the total number of the infected is 139,079; those that have recovered, the number is 98,379; and those that have died, the number is 3,291. We cannot jubilate over this, but we can also not fail to see the much smaller number of deaths here as compared to some of the other countries. This was on account of the tough and timely measures, that we undertook that minimized the infection levels as well as the death-levels. Yet, the 3,291 we lost, were very useful people. They included the prominent persons such as Mzee Kivejinja, Mzee Paul Etyang, Manzi Tumubweine, Bishop Kaggwa, etc. May the Almighty God bless them in eternal peace.

The tough measures we took, were in order to buy time, so that we find better solutions. We think now, we have found some solutions. The following are the solutions, in addition to some of the preventive measures we have been taking.
(i) Vaccinating the 22 million Ugandans above the age of 18 years of age, starting with the 4.8 million most vulnerable persons (3.3million above the age of 50 years, 550,000 teachers, 150,000 health workers, 250,000 security personnel and 500,000 below 50 years of age but with comorbidities e.g. diabetes, blood pressure, etc). Up to today, total doses administered are 11,377,067 and out of this, 3,756,248 million people have been vaccinated fully either with 2 dozes of the various vaccine types or the one vaccine of Johnson and Johnson. Of the 22million people, 45% (9,979,206) of the target population, have received at least one shot of the vaccine and 17% have been fully vaccinated. As of today, we have received a total of 20,658,940 million vaccine types that need two dozes to cover one person and 12,037,500millions of the single doze Johnson and Johnson. This means that we have already used 21,086,318 and what we have but have not used, have the capacity to vaccinate 8,503,631millions of people or to cover 6.1million people due for second dose. We are expecting another 7,319,610millions double doze vaccines, able to vaccinate 3,659,805million people and another 3,691,200 Johnson and Johnson able to vaccinate a similar number. Therefore, all the Ugandans above 18 years old, go out and be vaccinated.

(ii) In order to ensure safety against corona, the scientists have now recommended a booster doze for those above the age of 50 years. These are 3.3millions. Therefore, the 50 years old plus persons, that have already received 2 dozes, come out, again, for the booster doze.
(iii) Those who get suspicious signs of runny nose, headache, tiredness ─ which could be mild to severe, sneezing, scratchy/sore throat, muscle aches, quickly report to the nearest health facility, so that you get treatment. Using some drugs that boost immunity, control fever (antiinflammatory drugs and anti-pyretic like panadol), control inflammation, some that have anti-viral capacity and some anti-biotics, the patients recover. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial. Late diagnosis and treatment, may suppress the virus; however, the virus will have damaged your internal organs such as lungs, heart, pancreas, brain and nerves. The virus will go, but the patient may not survive, because the internal organs, would have been irreparably damaged.

(iv) Ugandan scientists and the community, the latter through their ancient knowledge of the environment, have discovered substances that seem to cure corona and other viral diseases. I have interviewed many patients, that have been cured. Dr. Ogwang, is now trying out the medicine in a clinical setting. We shall know the results of this clinical trial by May, 2022. This would be a path finder, in terms of medical care.

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Editor’s note: A heavily edited PRESIDENT MUSEVENI New Year address 2022

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