Museveni fired ISO boss Kaka Bagyenda

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President Museveni has fired the Director General of Internal Security Organisation Kaka Bagyenda replacing him with Charles Oluka
Oluka will be deputized by Emmy Katabazi.Recently, reports indicated that the Head of state Sent Special Forces Command (SFC) to open ISO operated safe houses and release the victims of his torture

‘‘Kaka has also been fabricating intelligence, polluting the air. His worst contribution to our intelligence system was to destroy whatever good that had built in ISO, and then running torture chambers euphemistically called safe houses where he brutalized his victims with the barbarity of Idi Amin’s goons.’’ Andrew Mwenda said on Thursday
‘‘But all is well that ends well.’’

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He added: As I said on last year, we Ugandans did not need Western human rights pretenders to fight evil in our system. Kaka forgot that the ideological foundations of the NRM/UPDF/ISO stand in opposition to the thuggish methods he used. So his fall was inevitable

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