Museveni did not have any property, money-Kizza Besigye

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Former Forum for Democratic Change, Kizza Besigye addressed Ugandans living in London on Saturday in which he insisted he won the February 18th 2016 presidential elections.

Besigye revealed that President Museveni did not have any property. No money. All the money he has is from those kneeling before him, clapping. When he gives they feel so blessed.

‘’ We need to deal with the people’s understanding of the powerlessness, do not complain that you do not have jobs because you will never get it because you do not have power.’’ He said.

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He added: What guarantees good governance is the knowledge and assertiveness of the people. You lead knowing that you have masters. If you hire a domestic servant and you have no power over that person, Will they work for you?

read full speech here: Museveni did not have property,money-Besigye

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