Museveni: corrupt officials have infiltrated Anti-corruption institutions

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While launching a new media campaign against corruption dubbed “#ExposeTheCorrupt” at State House Entebbe president Museveni who early this year vowed to end corruption in Uganda revealed that the Anti-corruption institutions he established have been infiltrated

‘‘Uganda has relevant anti-corruption laws and agencies in place. The foundation of the fight against corruption is strong. The challenge is these agencies have been infiltrated by wrong characters’’ the head of state said.

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He challenged the heads of the various anti-corruption agencies to do character checks of their employees.

He suggested lifestyle audits should be carried out. ‘’Talk to the communities, leave your offices and interact with the citizens, to Get facts ad expose the apples’’

Adding that ‘‘these people are easy to get but your work methods aren’t working. For instance why should there be corruption at the sub county level? Really, the problem is the management of these institutions.’’

Gen. Museveni asked the head of State House Anti-corruption unit Lt Col. Edith Nakalema and other institution leaders to link up with victims on the ground and get evidence

‘‘We are using bureaucractic methods to fight corruption. The enemy has blocked the nose of institutions. We therefore need to change how systems operate’’ he advised

The president also partly blamed the Judiciary which he said gives bail to some corrupt people who should not be bailed.

‘‘They [the judiciary] have a cultural difference with us. They are Europeans while the rest of us are Africans. The citizens of Uganda will appreciate sterner sentences that discourage the corruption vice.’’

The Head of State suggested that for big corruption offenses there should be no bail given to the criminals.

As one of the strategies, he directed Lt Col Nakalema to keep in close contact with the business community ‘’they have information that will aid in the fight against corruption in the procurement function of Government.’’
Lt Col Edith Nakalema said that since its inception on 10th December 2018, the unit has carried out several anti-corruption investigations worth 250 billion shillings and caused the charging of several persons in courts of law.
1.7 billion shillings she said, has been recovered by Unit and over 146 persons charged in courts of law, of whom 120 were public officials.

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  1. …. totally agree with the initiative but “implementation”. …the child who depends on the parent who is corrupt tries to expose the parent, the parent corrupts the authority to discipline the parent and the parent commit corruption together the authority to discipline, in order to avoid disciplinary actions……
    …..the more the evidence of corruption, the more the avenue for the Anti-Corruption to endulge in corruption with the corrupt. ……. through this forum I request HE to give the powers to those suffering as a result of corruption to take the corrupt straight to court with enough of the related evidences, when proved, recovery and banned from holding such public offices for life. There should also be a mechanism to penalise Lawyers who defend the corrupt when they loose such cases.
    ….so many corrupt tendencies that the lower Cadres are INSTRUCTED to execute at orders of superiors, when the subordinate dodges, is published. As a result HE, give us the legality to drag these corrupts and you will be overwhelmed with the recovery, covid19 donations is a drop from the tap…….. kuman baa….

    For God and my country


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