Museveni closes churches, mosques; keeps lodges open

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By president Museveni

The current rise in COVID-19 infections in the country can only be stopped if all the people of Uganda take personal responsibility for protecting themselves, their families and communities where they live and work.
Uganda has well established structures for coordinating and governing the population such as LCs in all the villages, cultural and religious leaders and organized groups such as taxi or boda boda operators. We used these structures in the past to defeat HIV, Ebola and other epidemics.
In October 2020, the government launched the National Community Engagement Strategy for COVID-19 Response which has been distributed to all the districts in Uganda.

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This Strategy has guided on how to establish Village Covid -19 Task Forces across all the 146 districts and how to provide Home Based Care when needed.
I call upon all district leaders including LCs, cultural and religious leaders to use existing structures and systems to ensure that SOPs are observed in the villages and during village functions and the Village Health Teams are supported to mobilize people to report illness and support communities as guided in the MOH guidelines for home based care and support.
I would like to remind you all, that COVID-19 control and prevention is a responsibility of everyone. I, therefore, urge all Ugandans to adhere to the COVID-19 SOPs: wash hands with soap and water frequently, wear face masks, social distancing, avoid mass gatherings, avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.

Avoid closed spaces (open windows fully), avoid crowds (markets, malls), avoid individuals with signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or ordinary senyiga (cold).
Good health, physical exercises, good nutrition and exposure to sunshine, have been shown to be beneficial in limiting COVID-19 transmission and severe disease.
In addition to our natural foods, we should emphasize plenty of fruits rich in Vitamin C (Lemon, orange juice, limes, tomatoes, pineapples e.t.c) and vegetables. Vitamin D is essential for reducing the severity of COVID-19.
It is, therefore, important that we add meat (especially beef liver), eggs, fatty fish such as Nile Perch (especially the skin and the fish eggs) and all other sources of Vitamin D, in addition to exposure to the morning sun.
The other sources of vitamin D, are: white beans, soya beans and Soya milk, sun dried mushrooms, and some vegetables such as spinach and Okra

40 new measures for 42 days

Museveni said the current coronavirus situation warrants 40 new measures which include the closure of all schools for 42 days, ban of communal prayers, and public gatherings/workshops for 42 days.
For now the only meetings permitted are those of cabinet, parliament, and judiciary. Attendees of weddings and burials have been trimmed from 200 to 20 people. Likewise, house parties, weekly, and cattle markets have also been banned for the next 42 days.
Whereas saloons, lodges, supermarkets have been permitted to continue operating, Museveni said these will have to close at 7 pm and if they don’t adhere to the guidelines within a week, they will be ordered to close. Unlike previously, Museveni said this time, managers of the spaces, venues and offices that flout the coronavirus standard operating procedures will be personally held liable.

Inter-district travel beyond Wakiso, Mukono, and Kampala has also been banned for 14 days, with private vehicles limited to just 3 people including the driver. Public transport has been temporarily allowed to continue operating.
Teachers who have not vaccinated will not be allowed back in schools, Museveni said. The president said to avoid overcrowding prisons, flouters of the coronavirus standard operating procedures will be fined instead of being arrested.

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