Besigye to Museveni: Where is the evidence to show we wanted to kill you?

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The 2016 presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye has challenged president Museveni to report allegations that he (Kizza Besigye ) and Gen David Sejusa were planning to kill him.

Speaking to a team of 14 FDC supporters and leaders from Kabarole District who visited him at Luzira prison on Friday afternoon, Dr Besigye said Mr. Museveni shows prejudice when he speaks about issues that are already in court.

“Mr. Museveni should not talk about cases that are already before court. He is breaking the law because treason case is already in court,” Dr Besigye said.

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“If he has a complaint, he should present it before the Director of Public Prosecutions for investigations. It’s only the Director of Public Prosecutions who can say that I have a case to answer.”

“The magistrate didn’t make any decision about my complaint. He promised to compile a report which he will hand over to higher authorities,” Dr Besigye revealed,

Adding that he will present his complaints in court as to why the deny him a chance to communicate with the outside world.

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