Museveni awarded the highest honour of Masaaba land – Wagagai

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President Yoweri Museveni has been honoured with The Highest Honour of Masaaba land – Wagagai, the topmost of Bugisu Heritage Awards.
The award was read by Inzu Prime Minister, Uweshirifwa Francis Nagimesi and conferred by Umukuuka Uwelukoosi Bob Mushikori.

Meanwhile, the Bagisu are organizing a groundbreaking Bugisu Heritage Awards event where individuals and organizations that have contributed to the conservation of Bugisu heritage will be recognized and awarded.
In Tororo on his first day of the wealth creation sensitization campaign in Bukedi sub-region. The president commissioned newly-built roads in the municipality.
The president called on residents of Tororo to take advantage of the good infrastructure to produce more goods and services, sell them and earn more for their families. ‘ ‘The Shs18b used to construct these roads in Tororo should not go to waste.’’ He said.

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The head of State also handed over land titles to 10 families that are part of 500 customary landowners in Bukedi sub-region who have been helped by the government to certify their land ownership. This should give them security of tenure, reduce conflicts and spur production.
Later, he met the leaders and took them through my wealth creation message. ‘ ‘Like I have indicated before, the four ways in which to create jobs is through commercial agriculture, industries, services and ICT.” he said

he added: With most of our people engaged in subsistence farming, the challenge is to help them get into commercial agriculture. Leaders should explain our four-acre model where we stress growth of high-yielding and high-return crops like coffee and fruits such as apples, passion fruits, among others.

One acre can be dedicated to growth of food crops, while another should go to pasture to feed animals (Fresian dairy cattle) kept in the backyard. This can be complemented with poultry, piggery, and if near a swamp, fish ponds.
‘ ‘If we do this and leaders continue educating our people, there is no doubt the 68% of the population in subsistence farming will get into the money economy.’’ He said.

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