Muntu: With time Ugandans will be shocked to know who the “moles” are

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Days after announcing his break away from the leading opposition party-Forum for Democratic Change, Gen Mugisha Muntu, on Thursday unveiled a new political group.
The group “New Formation” was unveiled at Hotel Africana in Kampala during a press conference which was attended by a number of Members of Parliament from FDC and NRM. As well as District FDC chairpersons and delegates

Some of FDC MPs who attended include: Elijah Okupa (Kasilo), Paul Mwiru, (Jinja Mun. East), Herbert Ariko (Soroti Mun) & Angeline Osegge (Soroti Woman), Independents Anna Adeke (Youths) and Gerald Karuhanga (Ntungamo Municipality)
Surprisingly, FDC’s Electoral Commission Chief Dan Mugarura, Gulu district chairman Martin Ojara Mapenduzi also attended Muntu’s presser.
Also in attendance was ruling party’s Mbwatekamwa Gaffa (Kasambya) and JB Nambeshe (Manjiya)
Gen. Muntu said ‘‘our departure if handled well could be the beginning of greater cooperation within the opposition ‘’

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On alleged secret meeting with President Museveni, Muntu said ‘‘what would I benefit from secret meetings with president Museveni as alleged. What would I be looking for, when I was in a better position earlier. In 1996 in Ntungamo, as army commander, I told him publicly ‘this system is cracking. We are doing what we fought against.’’
He added: I have said before, even if FDC was to go into a power sharing deal with [President] Museveni, I wouldn’t be part of that government

Not an enemy to Besigye, FDC

‘I have lost three times to Dr Besigye. I disbanded my entire team (after all the 3 losses) and went fully behind Dr Besigye. Besigye was also lucky that during his term as party president we didn’t fight him. How can I be Power hungry? ‘’ Muntu said.
The former Army Commander says he does not keep enemies, he respects enemies them.
On allegations of being a mole in FDC, Muntu had this to say ‘ ‘If it is going to be the will of God, there is going to be a time when people will be shocked when they know who the “moles”
‘‘Even when I went to The Bush with NRA in the early 80s, I was called a mole. They said the son of Muntuyera cannot fight UPC. I discovered years later that I had been put under surveillance by the commanders, until I proved myself’’ he said.

He also said that, his group is in touch with Bobi Wine, Norbert Mao, Basalirwa and ‘‘most political parties are in touch with each other. I have told all of them that we are ready to show up when they have meetings and invite us ‘’
New Formation
The new group, Muntu said, is still skeletal and undergoing development. Adding that ‘ ‘Over the next few weeks, we are going to embark on a participatory process of defining what this New Formation stands for ideologically,”

This, he said, would be done through public engagement of sector experts and Ugandans in general to define the New Formation.
The New Formation currently has no slogan or structure. Muntu and his team have however, set up a website ( for the group, on which Ugandans can register and choose what ways they can contribute and participate.

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