Multiple Grenade attacks in Burundi capital: 02 killed, dozens injured- Bus parks, markets targeted

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Several grenade explosions targeted bus parking lots in the economic capital Bujumbura on Tuesday evening injuring a dozen people

Unconfirmed sources speak of at least two dead and dozens of injured. The victims were evacuated to hospitals in the city.

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Available information indicates at least four grenades exploded around 7:00 p.m. in the downtown bus parking lot, the one serving the southern districts of the city.

They are also car parks near the Cotebu market (north, the “Permanence” car park between the areas of Bwiza and Buyenzi (center) and a street vendor market in the hyper-center, according to witnesses.

The explosions happened at a rush hour.

At the Cotebu parking lot, the grenade exploded as people boarded their bus, witnesses said. At the Permanence, several injured people were taken care of by the emergency services.
They were transferred to Prince Regent Charles Hospital, which is close to the scene of the attack.

Children were among the victims. ambulances and police vehicles took part in the evacuation of the wounded

In the city center, a street vendor fruit market, was also targeted by an explosion. In 2015, around 20 people were killed in grenade attacks there.

Grenade attacks are a fairly common occurrence in Bujumbura. Most attacks are politically motivated; assailants tend to target security personnel, entertainment venues, and the residences of local nationals. Similar attacks have occurred in other parts of Burundi, including other areas of the capital, at various times in recent years.

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