Mowzey Radio’s mother receives threats as fights over deceased property deepens

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A we wait for truth behind the death of Mowzey Radio, rumors continue still come from here and there, close source reveal that Radio’s mother Jane Kasubo has been receiving threats ever since his son was in the hospital at Case Clinic.
It is said that, when they were still in the hospital, she received threats that her son will never be at peace till when Radio and Weasal sell off the NeverLand House and share the money amongst themselves and Jeff Kiwa who also claims to own shares on that property.

Till now, Radio’s mum is still receiving threats that the land on which his son was buried has to be sold too because it was not only him who owned that land and that’s why radio’s properties and home are now protected by the police. Now the question remains, who is behind these threats, assuming its true.

Reports indicate, Police has deployed at the home of the late singer Mowzey Radio following threats to his mother Jane Kasubo to release his property.
Ms Kasubo who is now occupying the home in Nakawuka, Entebbe, built by her deceased son, filed a complaint at Entebbe Police Station claiming she had received death threats and orders to move the body of the deceased from where it was buried and have Radio’s property distributed equally among certain people and her.

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According to Ms Kasubo, the threats are in form of calls from someone claiming to be the deceased’s father. Among the property in contention is the house in Nakawuka occupied by Kasubo, the home of Goodlyf crew in Makindye, a house still under construction in Entebbe and a number of undisclosed property owned by the deceased.
Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesperson, says police deployed at Kasubo’s home on Tuesday to protect her against those making the death threats.

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