Magufuli fires 10,000 Tanzanian government workers over ‘fake qualifications’

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Tanzanian President John Magufuli has sacked nearly 10,000 civil servants for having fake education certificates while others are said to have passed relatives’ qualifications off as their own. The president has called on all newspapers in Tanzania to publish the names of everyone on the list.

A government investigation which begun last October, focused exclusively on secondary school qualification and did not examine university degree certificates. The report found 9,932 people had faked their secondary school qualifications. The 9, 932 people are equivalent to two percent of the country’s civil service. President Magagula has given those on the list until 15 May to resign or face legal action.
“These people occupied government positions but had no qualifications… they robbed us just like other common criminals,” Mr Magufuli said, urging officials to “name and shame” offenders.

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“We have been working hard to create new jobs while there are people in government who hold fake degrees,” he added.
The 9,932 people named in the report account for more than 2% of the country’s estimated 450,000 civil servants.
Since taking office two years ago, Magufuli has displayed a no-nonsense approach to corruption

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